Any suggestions on tools / courses for video producers?

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I want to learn how to produce quality content videos.

And I'm looking for courses, software and tools to learn and produce videos.

Can you suggest list of courses, resources, software and other tools for this purpose?

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    You already Googled what you need, didn't you?
    What have you found already?

    I'm asking these questions so we won't give you answers you already know.
    Anyway, try to read this.
    I researched it for you.
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    Learn After Effects from video copilot
    BtW, Thanks to contentwriting360 ... I agree

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    Take a search on the relevant marketing forums and you should find plenty of courses available, it is all out there for the taking...
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    I'm going to give you a tip, but this is something marketers focus way too much on. They focus on special fx, fancy transitions, animations etc etc. Rather than overproduce the MESSAGE, they always wind up overproducing the design elements.

    And this is just one mans opinion, but fancy designs mean nothing. With that said, I use software that does everything I need. I never read tutorials to figure out how to use it. Adobe special effects is great software, I'm not denying that. But I don't think it is important to have. What I use is cyberlink power director. Its not as powerful as adobe, but it can make some very nice videos.

    Most importantly, you can learn the program in less than a week. Without any tutorials and just by using it. Its a VERY user friendly program.

    Now let me get to the important part. Even with that software, I still focus very little on special fx and crazy editing. I do edit all my videos, but NOT in the way I see a lot of marketers editing theirs.

    If you were to go on youtube right now, guess what?

    You would find millions of overedited videos, with special fx, that suck. They look very nice, but they still suck.

    Although this is debatable, take a look at "Kony 2012". One of the most overproduced videos on youtube. People LOVED the editing in that video, but a lot of people hated the message. A lot of people criticized the maker of that video for being FOS.

    I estimate that it probably took him 6 months - 1 year just to edit that video. And it STILL didn't do its job. But lets not focus on controversial videos like that. Just look at a lot of videos made my marketers on youtube. 90% of them share 1 major problem.


    I even see it on here with guys releasing WSOs. They go through all this work of making a fancy video, but they are horrible at speaking. They speak way too fast, or they laugh at inappropriate times, their entire pitch is miscalibrated. The worst is when they just take out their mic, and record, without having anything planned.

    Or worse, their script was written by someone who doesn't know a thing about their market.

    Something I've been forcing myself to do, is AVOID commercial looking videos. When I make my videos, I focus *100%* on the script and message. I always talk slow, but with inflection. I NEVER try to sound cool. I focus on the content, and delivering it in a way that will move people as much as possible.

    My favorite kind of video, is a documentary. It seems documentaries tend to be plain most of the time. Look at some HBO documentaries. They don't contain all this crazy special fx and video editing. You know why? Because that stuff *distracts the viewer from the message*.

    So when I pitch anything, a product, a service, I always try to copy that kind of presentation. I focus about 80% on the script, and 20% on editing. The editing isn't even special fx, but how I will organize my information or scenes. Then a smaller amount of that 20%, is for special fx. But they are used very seldomly.

    I always take the "less is more" approach. I try to use my fx like HBO does in their documentaries. To emphasize words or EMOTIONS. I never throw them in just to dazzle people. The script itselfs should do that.

    I apologize for writing such a long post, but I really want you to view video production from the right way. It is ALL about the script/message you deliver. It NEEDS to connect. It SHOULD be personal. It SHOULD trigger emotions.

    You should always have a narrator or voiceover. Never use those stupid robot animations or voices. I don't even like animations, but I know a lot of people do. I just find that animations lack an essential human quality, that is needed to connect with PEOPLE. I'd much rather hear a persons voice, and see a person talking... then some stupid hand drawing on a screen.

    Thats just me. All I know is this approach has been working great for me. Which is why I recommend it. Focus more on connecting the script/message than anything else, and you'll be fine regardless of how fancy your video is.

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    Do you know how to produce documentray-like videos? Or a resource where I can learn how to produce documentary-like videos?
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    I do yes, but unfortunately, the tools I use cost a good deal of money (don't worry, I'll offer a cheaper solution for you).

    The 3 tools I USE are:

    Cyberlink Power Director 11
    FL Studio 10
    Adobe Photoshop

    I didn't buy them all at once though. Fl Studio I bought about 10 years ago. Cyberlink I bought from their website (the $99 version) and adobe photshop is honestly a cracked version.

    Then I bought a nice mic for $50 from radio shack. I have all this equipment, because I've been doing sound engineering for a long time now. So I know A LOT about special fxs when it comes to sound. And its ironic that even in sound engineering, a lot of pros recommend to stay AWAY from too many special fx.

    I believe the same rule applies to video editing as well.
    So you don't even need this type of set up.

    You can download free software like audacity for editing the sound. All I do for my sounds, is add overdrive, a noise gate, vintage compressor and a subtle reverb (this can all be downloaded free). Then I mono the sound so its centered. This is all really easy to do believe it or not.

    So you can skip FL Studio and just download audacity. But I DO recommend having both a video editor AND sound editor if you want to do things properly.

    Adobe photoshop, I just use to make my intro designs, which I edit in cyberlink. This generally takes an hour or 2 max. For every niche I target, I use the same exact intros. Just so the video looks somewhat professional before it starts.

    Afterwards, I use cyberlink for the main part of the video. Before I load my mp3 into cyberlink, I do a quick 10 minute "dress up" using the fx I listed above. Which is done in FL Studio. But like I said you can just use audacity for free. This will bring your voice forward, warm it up, and make it sound more crisp/professional to listen to. Without doing this, your voice will "swing" too much, dropping and rising too much, and it will sound thin and weak. Plus if you stutter, or your voice cracks, this can all be fixed with audio software believe it or not (really fast too).

    So realistically speaking, for $150, you can get everything set up. Only thing you really need to buy imo is cyberlink and a mic. There is great sound software you can download free, as well as free image editing software.

    I know this sounds complicated, but trust me, I could show you how to use everything in less than 90mins. Or I can link you to tutorials that I used. I'm sure you can even find a free video editor, or a cheaper one, but I just love power director personally. The free audio editors are great and get the job done same as the paid ones, but when it comes to video, you will sacrifice A LOT of time using free software imo.

    Let me know if you need any help, just shoot me a pm.

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    Thanks for sharing Red.

    But these are tools.

    I want to also know some courses on producing videos, whether free or paid.

    I have one about YouTube, but it's not about producing videos, it's just about YouTube.

    Do you have suggestions on courses teaching how to produce great videos?

    I have heard of "VideoBoss" before. Is it worth trying?
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