I am disturbed and irritated....

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But this isn't a bad thing actually this is a very good thing, Because by being disturbed Brings out our motivation. I am disturbed about my inconsistent results as an affiliate marketer. Some months I make decent money and several months at a time I make absolutely nothing. It's irritating and frustrating. Currently I am only promoting one niche.

I need to produce consistent and reliable results Through affiliate marketing I need to Identify and engage myself in profitable markets.

Okay let's say that your best friend is looking to become a Successful affiliate marketer And that friend ask you how do I pick the right market to promote what would be your advice?

What are some of the most efficient and effective ways you Personally market products? I stress the efficient Ways...

I use article marketing I use press releases I use blog content, I use aweber emails? Is there good automation tools, that produce results faster?
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    This is why most big marketers diversify their income streams. You need to work on income stream number 2 and then number 3 and so on. That way, when one is not bringing home the bacon, the others will.
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    my favorite is always using my "trigger words" to find niches and running them on paid search. this is a killer way to get into super non competitive niches that actually convert better than the competitive ones but cost way less.

    you can literally build an entire business around these words if you think about the market. you can make mailing lists, follow up products, sell affiliate stuff, heck you can even turn them into a membership site.

    think about a term like "nagging wife" which gets thousands of searches per month in a pretty competitive market (yet this word has no one bidding on paid search ie. i can get it for like 5 cents)... what if you focused on helping these guys save thier marriage... tons of affiliate offers out there.

    moral of the story... find the keywords first (there are millions without competition)

    heres another fun example:

    free workout routines for men

    good amount of searches... and you can even get paid to give stuff away in that market :-)

    have fun.
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      So I understand diversity in and why it's important but I also don't want to get caught up doing too many things at one time I'd like to get something rolling and then focus on marketing another product once I achieve some results.

      Think I'll check out the paid search idea I've never even thought about that.

      So I got a question for you? For most people who are successful at Internet marketing do they find that Internet marketing is fun? If it's something you have to do then it isn't fun. If it's something that you want to do then it probably is fun.

      How do you make Internet marketing fun?

      Can affiliates still make a lot of money or do you have that be your own product owner to make money? Some people who claim to be good affiliates Seem to really be making their money through their own product creation and their own marketing of their own products.
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    You comments are common in the online world. For me, I would focus on building relationships and promoting residual base programs. Being residual, you can count on some type of monthly income coming in.

    It's difficult to chase the one time commissions, especially if you are doing online marketing part time like myself.
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