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Please help me understand something here - I have "dabbled" in affiliate marketing, and have spent a considerable amount of time researching Internet Marketing in general.

(This is just my observation - I am in no way stating it as a fact...) But why does it seem to me, that A LOT of people that claim to be making money online, seem to make money by teaching people how to make money online?

Should I just forget about finding a niche like video games, golfing, online dating etc, and just skip to teaching people how to make money online? I understand that obviously if you find success in Internet marketing, it makes sense to begin trying to monetize on that skill - but are any other niches truly as profitable (with an equitable amount of effort)? Otherwise, why would so many Internet Marketers turn to that very niche themselves ?

Of all of the people out there making money by teaching people how to make money - are your website geared towards teaching people how to make money online making most of your income? Or do you have other niches that are just as profitable?

(Note - I'm not sure I'm expecting to get an honest answer out of that last question, but I figure it's worth a shot)
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    Yes you can make money online in other niches.

    I am one of them. And there are a lot of others here in this forum as well.

    I personally have never sold anything in the Make money online niche.

    What I done when I first started a couple of years ago was chose 2 niches that I already knew quite a lot about.

    I did try 1 niche gambling. But that didn't work for me because I didn't know anything about it, and couldn't speak the same language as my potential customers.

    I think that if you have a lot of knowledge in a particular niche, in this case let's say it's Gaming.

    I would say go for it.

    Becuase if you are interested in that niche, and you have a lot of knowledge in it, it should be really easy for you to connect with your potential customers, and have a better idea right off the jump on what would interest them, excite them, and get them to take action, etc.

    Not only that but if you already know quite the bit about a particular niche it would be easy for you to know what to say in your emails, or when you write articles, or blog posts.

    I'm not sure why a lot of people choose to start in the Make Money Online niche, it never really appealed to me, and it still doesn't.
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      You can make money in other niches besides the make money niche. Fine a hobby you like and are knowledgeable about and start there. I've got 2 that I work on. One doesn't do so well due to the fact I'm not very good at it and I don't get to do it as often as I like. The other I do all the time, have more knowledge, and therefore have more to write about.

      The point is if this is your first experience in IM write about something you know first. Yes it will take a while and yes, it will take a lot of work. But if you're writing about something you know you'll find that the process is going to be much easier.

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    Internet Marketing, Weight Loss, Make Money Online, Health, Finance, Law these are very competitive niche, you need to research some low competitive niche and keywords for better result.
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    Yeah, I'm going to actually create an authority site. Outside of the IM niche I find it better than the small sites.

    This is ME, this is WHO I AM...

    "Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 37:4

    Kik - HarryNguyen510

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    yeah, I focus mainly in IM niche but I have got clients and have marketed their sites successfully in skin care and hair care niche targeting sub niches like acne, wrinkles, anti-ageing, hair loss, dandruff, baldness, greying, etc.

    The fact is that once you know a system that works successfully for you based on your interest, resources and skills you can easily duplicate that system in any niche that you touch with 99% chances of success. It is all about having the right system and gaining confidence in that system then you can easily duplicate that into any niche.

    I prefer in focusing all my attention in one niche at a time and don't like the idea of starting multiple small niche sites. The fact is that building a solid authority content site in one niche which has high value, huge content base, hundreds of solid links, solid sales funnel with huge line of products, building relationship with subscribers and then testing individual traffic sources that works and tracking your ROI actually takes time and solid efforts to get everything in place in one niche.

    When you have all this in place things get easy and all you have to do is outsource and automate your machine while others work and you manage the stuff... Hope this helps...

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    Hi sdurbin,

    Just 3 points:

    1) If people can make money in the "komodo dragon" niche, I'm sure we can make money in most niches.

    2) I won't advise you to teach IM when you haven't start making a full-time income through it. It's like a driving "instructor" teaching a teenager how to drive when he/her-self doesn't know how to drive.

    3) Go into a niche which you're passionate in.

    Good luck,
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    allmoust niches are good, if you work hard.

    I love to play jocuri mario and to get jocuri download games.

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    Actually the make-money-online niche is growing, changing to be more savvy, so I think you have to give a bit different approach in this niche if you wanna sell well.
    Lots of good niches out there, and I think you can do a bit research in website like yahoo answer, where people want to solve their problems and are willing to pay for it.

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      Might help to add a little conceptual comment here in that the money-making industry is so attractive to both buy and sell in because it's known as a "hard" topic. With a hard topic, you can directly measure the results from the instructions given within a product you buy. The opposite, "soft topic," would be a romance novel. There, you might feel all warm and fuzzy when you're done reading, but novels won't typically contribute to putting food on your table.

      When I decide upon a niche market to go after, I attempt to sort of measure from 1-10 where I think the topic falls in to the hard versus soft topic scale and that helps to predict 1) if people are willing to spend money in that market, 2) how much they might be willing to spend on a particular product, 3) and how much work I'm going to have to do to make a dent in that market.

      It's all a numbers game after that...

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    it's not about what niche you should go with , it's about finding people with problems, people whom need urgent solutions , that's the trick . find this hungry crown and sell them your products no matter what niche you are in .

    you can always find enough information online for any niche . all you have to do is ro organize this information packaging them and sell them

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  • First of all welcome to the forum sdurbin.

    If you want to work in the right niche which will make you money online and I mean A LOT of money, you just need to apply the following steps:

    1. Find a HOT market with BUYERS. A lot of people on this forum are in the make money niche because it is full of BUYERS....just look at the WSO section....LOL!

    2. It is pointless to work in a niche you are passionate about if it doesn't have any BUYERS.

    3. You want to be part of the moving parade. Which is a hot market full of buyers. You don't want to be watching the parade but taking part in it.

    Normally you will find a hot market with buyers in a niche that focuses on fixing a desperate problem people have. The more the market is EMOTIONAL about their problem, the more you will sell if you offer a solution (hint: it's usually a QUICK and EASY solution).

    Just make sure whatever you are selling offers REAL VALUE. Then once you have a buyer's list you keep on selling and selling. It's like printing money on demand provided you ALWAYS PROVIDE VALUE.

    Good luck!
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    I make money in the baby shower niche with an authority website but its not a job killer. I got into that niche because I found some exact buyer keywords with boat loads of traffic that nobody was really ranking for in the SEO sense of the word. A lot of yahoo answers and forum posts.

    Anyways I started learning about baby showers and diaper cakes and jumped in the game/

    I also made bank back in the day with emds and review sites but they all got cast down from their heavenly positions.

    I am thinking of teaching ppl how to build authority sites that can give them 300 to 500 hundred dollars a month. I know its not a job re-placer but its something.

    So i guess i am thinking of entering the IM niche
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    No matter what niche you go after there are ways to make money from them. Some are much more competitive than others so if you are new you should find one that is less competitive that you can learn from. There is a fine line though where some less competitive sites don't have any value to them. Meaning they simply don't pay.

    Some keys are to research if others are making money from that niche.
    Watch the competition how competitive is it.
    Find a niche with a need. It could be a physical product or informational product that you offer.
    You should always build a list around that niche. It takes up to seven exposures to get someone to purchase.
    Offer you list good quality information, Then every so often send an offer to your product.
    So how your product can help them. People purchase things they need.

    You can make money in other niches than make money online. Think outside of the box.

    Lastly don't think you don't have to spend any money to make some. If you go that route you will lose interest before you start to make any decent money. I'm not saying it can't be done but it takes a level of devotion and self motivation. Most people want to make money quickly and spending an amount to make an amount is a faster method.

    If I said I'll give you 50.00 for every 5.00 you give me you would do it over an over. Well the same goes here. Find ways to invest a small amount and double or triple it. Then reinvest until you reach a level that please you.

    Glen Barnhardt

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    I am in a niche that I am yet to see *1* internet marketer in. It has been very profitable for me. Then I'm in a few other niches that are more well known to the public, and they are far less profitable.

    I did not hear about my niche on WF. I found it working for a small business. When I saw how much money the guy was making, I realized "wow, this is a true honey hole".

    Those are the types of niches you want to find. The ones that noone are focusing on, that haven't been "conquered" yet.
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    Originally Posted by sdurbin View Post

    Please help me understand something here - I have "dabbled" in affiliate marketing, and have spent a considerable amount of time researching Internet Marketing in general.

    (This is just my observation - I am in no way stating it as a fact...) But why does it seem to me, that A LOT of people that claim to be making money online, seem to make money by teaching people how to make money online?
    Thats how i made my first sale, and in my opinion at the end of the day we are just there to help people sell there products, and on the other end help people to find a solution to there problem (In this case"How to make money online")

    Should I just forget about finding a niche like video games, golfing, online dating etc, and just skip to teaching people how to make money online? I understand that obviously if you find success in Internet marketing, it makes sense to begin trying to monetize on that skill - but are any other niches truly as profitable (with an equitable amount of effort)? Otherwise, why would so many Internet Marketers turn to that very niche themselves ?
    Many people will say to you "Go with a less competitive niche, something you are passionate about" now let me tell you what i think, and many people may disagree. Go for a niche that is hot, where there is many buyers. We are here to make money, once you make it thats when you can go out and do something your passionate about or a hobby you love, but in IM everything you do, treat it like a business ! And don't get me wrong as i try my best to provide my customers with valuable content and information they were looking for.
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    As long as it is a hungry market you can make money. Make a product, make the sales page, put it online and start driving traffic to it. Boom..
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    How people like me make a full time income online is multiple streams of income. You cannot sell just one affiliate product. You need to broaden your product base. When I ran a construction business I did not just make money selling chicken coops, playhouses, and sheds, but I also made money selling shed plans, and earned commissions on amazon affiliate links. I made over $400 a month doing nothing with those two other streams of income.
    When you are promoting a product, you need to have at least 3-4 other product bases related to your product line to people have other options. When I sell a chicken coop, I have chicken coop plans, and other ad resources from amazon so my customer has multiple purchasing options than one.
    Today I am promoting a home business and I make multiple streams of income out of promotional resources for the company.
    Last this is that when I was a college student, made money selling clickbank product and made about $300 a month. It was not much but it was money. If you want to make a full time income. BLOG like crazy, submit craigslist ads every day, participate in forums such as this, and put 20% of your profits into paid advertising.
    I hope this helps, don't give up, I only teach marketing because I love to.
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    The MMO niche is a popular one among internet marketers because to be honest, it's easy to bullshit your way to the top. People are desperate in this niche, They will do anything to make money. This allows nobodies to come along and promise them success if they purchase their $47 ebook. Soon after selling a couple of ebooks the nobody thinks hes a master marketer. So now instead of selling bullcrap, hes selling a marketing course on how to make money by selling bullcrap. It's the circle of life for a lot of people here.
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    The make money online niche is just to over saturated. You need to find a paying low competition niche. Its many resources out there to research this.The hardest part is finding the paying niche but once you do it pays 10 fold.
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    Another reason why people tend to focus on the Make Money Online niche is because people who are looking for ways to make money online are already proven buyers of online products. Other niches mentioned earlier such as health, finance, law, fitness, etc require marketers to know how to market them. And that ultimately requires them to look up information on marketing. - hence more online marketing sales.
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    Quick thought experiment for you.

    Of all your relatives, immediate and distant, how many of them support their family by teaching people how to make money online?

    Here's another one.

    Take a look at the Alexa Top 500 Global Sites list: Alexa Top 500 Global Sites

    How many of those websites are individuals selling infoproducts about how to make money online?

    I'm pretty sure the answer to both questions is 0.

    MMO is a tiny niche that 99.99% of the world doesn't even know exists. To ask whether that is the only profitable line of business, online or off, is a little ridiculous.

    Every cafe, every auto shop, every print shop, just about every little store in your town is a result of some person deciding to go into business. Almost every website, from Amazon to Google to eBay, was the result of two or three people getting together and building a business right out of their homes.

    You can create a real business without becoming a "make money online guru". There's a million problems you can help solve to create value for someone, something they'll happily pay for, leaving you both better off. Choosing MMO almost invariably means marketing to people in financial distress, filling them with hopes and dreams of money they're unlikely to attain from whatever you are selling them, leaving them worse off than if you didn't exist.
    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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    You can be successful in any niche online, as long as you have quality, converting content. This will not only help you with your sales, but also with organic traffic coming from search engines.
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