Help first offline client with a $6figure marketing budget

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Hi warriors, I have been doing I.M for a while and seen some bit of income.
Recently have started to focus on offline marketing and through networking have landed a corporate client desperate to get some traffic and sales to their existing website which has currently got almost zero traffic and sales.
The company deals in electronics .Their main objective is to start generating leads and even online sales from their website.

They have a $6figure annual budget for marketing and have requested me to send them company profile explaining what we do and how we can help them...followed by a meeting to close the deal.

I am currently working in a location where online marketing is still a fairly foreign concept but there are large corporates with lots of marketing dollars to spend. So if this goes well it is likely the first of many corporate clients!

Any suggestions of a business in a box type of product that can set me up fast with a professional website as a marketing front for my Offline Business; including PR management tools,SEO and some outsourcing info and all other useful tools like pricing guidelines and legals?

Have looked at a few WSOs but a tried and tested recommendation is always best and saves time!

Look forward to some smashing ideas...Thanks warriors!

Ps. Any JV proposals welcome via pm
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    I'm a little uneasy with someone taking on a businesses 6 figure marketing budget and still here asking for advice. I hope to god you know what you are doing. This isn't play money on a monopoly board.
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  • Hi Rose,

    Congratulations! First, do you have a registered business that's licensed to operate in your country, plus ORs and everything else? Otherwise, you can present yourself as a professional consultant with an offshore team of expert professional subcontractors...

    As for contract/subcontract templates, you can Google them, though it's better to ask the client for the contract/subcontract for your review. The main thing here is your business proposal, then your presentation of that proposal...

    We're working with a handful of North American, European and Asian corporations (my company's based in Manila). One of which is Paretologic, Inc. - They also own Constant-Content and RevenueWire. In our initial contract with Paretologic, which ran from 2005 to 2009:

    =>> We helped them with their onsite and offsite content development and marketing needs for their carrier product at that time (RegCure), which became the world's best Microsoft Windows System Registry cleaner software OF ALL TIME in 2007. That alone was enough to continue working with them and to get another handful of contracts with other prominent corporations...

    Here's an insider tip: These corporations are quite interested in results-based contracts. This means you can, for instance, offer your team's content development and online marketing services at a fixed monthly price (for the duration of the contract), with an offer to sign up as their affiliates, include your affiliate links in the onsite and offsite content you produce for them, and tell them you'll give them free all-year-round or even life-long offsite marketing services, since you'll be earning more if you also help them get more viewers who could most likely turn into mailing list subscribers and repeat buyers. Show them your exact targets. Paretologic, in 2010 alone, sold over 10 million copies of their software products. Imagine affiliate commissions with a contract like this! You get paid for your services, and you get recurring passive income, especially if you have a team of employees doing offsite marketing campaigns for the onsite and offsite content materials you produce for your clients, which'll funnel in loads of affiliate commissions your way. And, since corporations also implement offline marketing campaigns, in which their online point of sale sites are mostly promoted (especially for software products), they get more viewers, conversions and sales, while they also help you generate more affiliate commissions!

    Professional Content Writing Service @ $0.03 / Word: Contact Us HERE
    • We have 2 decades of real world expertise in subject areas like Machine Learning / Deep Learning / AI / IOT / software programming / DIY electronics, digital marketing and telesales, product review / tutorial / blog / news article writing ...

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      Thanks Marx for that constructive and helpful insight! Already working with an outsourced team on various components and in discussion on possible JV from a huge offline player!

      Thanks warriors for all the very useful PMs!!

      WillR! you made my day- thanks too for making me laugh:rolleyes:
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        Originally Posted by Roseaff View Post

        WillR! you made my day- thanks too for making me laugh:rolleyes:
        I don't think it's funny.

        Dealing with offline clients is a different ballgame.
        You will probably have to sign a contract which includes certain expectations and a time frame to completion, and if things go wrong you can't hide behind your keyboard. Like Will said if you don't know what you are doing it could come back to bite you in the A$$...
        Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

        ― George Carlin
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