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by iouri
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Hi everyone
I am new in a business. Just start building sites portfolio, got some rankings, then got hit by EMD, lost all rankings and traffic as well.
Now looking for alternative traffic sources.
Question,- if anybody use uAdPost.com Could you please share your experiense? Is it good to try? I heard that it used to be free service but now it is 40$ a month and no free trial. Can I advertise services or just product?
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    Free traffic is great but never put all your eggs in one basket. Start working with paid traffic. Facebook, adwords.. plenty of choices out there.

    What kind of service are you trying to advertise on uadpost?
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    Try using multiple free advertising methods and you will start generating traffic from multiple places. It is better than just one place for traffic. Try Yahoo answers, Craigslist, Youtube, Forums, etc.. Anything where you can have a link with content.
    Classified Posting & Ad Management Expert
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    I agree with JAYKNOWSCASH on this point 'Free traffic is great but never put all your eggs in one basket' There are several ways to reach the target. email marketing, forum marketing, social media etc. Hope you can find the ways that are suitable for your online business.
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    You can do video promotion and marketing. You can just use Animoto or Onetruemedia for this.

    Social media can also be another option.
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    I personally use blogging, content marketing, article marketing, link building, solo ads, forum posting, etc to drive traffic. It works pretty good and gets me leads on consistent basis...

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    You can using adf.ly, its cheap choice
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      For free traffic I like to be consistent with writing articles and blog posts and base them around long tail keywords for a flow of traffic rather than worrying about ranking one major keyword on page 1.

      Syndicating blog posts and ads via Hootsuite to Facebook Groups tends to bring in daily free leads.

      I am also a big fan of YouTube since I quite like appearing on video anyway and they are quite easy to rank nowadays on Google so another good traffic source.

      In terms of paid advertising solo ads is a newbie friendly way of driving traffic to your offer but need to stand out from all the other promotions and to get your emails read when these people are most probably getting hammered with multiple emails daily from numerous marketers.
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    Don't use paid traffic it mostly doesn't turn out well especially for newbies. You can use traffic sources like youtube for video marketing and then share on social networks to increase views. You can submit articles to directories too.
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    You need to promote in the free social network and paid advertising.
    Free advertising can come from Facebook groups, blogging, and forums.
    Paid advertising can come from facebook ads, google adwords, or my favorite is co op advertising when group of people put money into a pot to share mass amounts of targeted traffic.
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    Paid traffic is always a choice for new sites or brand, you'll need tons efforts and more times to get few traffic from Google.
    Ya, Guggle said, forget SEO, provide great content, (and buy an Ad then!)

    Don't worry be happy!

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    IMHO, whether if the traffic is free or paid, you need to test it and know which is the best source for you. both have their pros and cons..
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      Hi everyone
      That is awesome how many people have replied with some advices.
      Thank you all very much!
      That is really inspiring for the newbie in struggle with big ugly googly.
      I have no any experience with social network marketing. Is there some guides and tools to use?
      And how to get in this CO OP advertising that Betterwtveter mentioned?
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    I wouldn't suggest you solely rely on google.. They are consistently updating and you might just be left behind. In this case, EMD got you.

    For me, I love to guest-post on related blogs because:

    1) Target traffic and it's FREE
    2) It's fun building relationship with fellow bloggers
    3) I have a backlink to my blog from related niche (helps in SE ranking)
    4) Immediate results - Usually within 1 - 2 days (or several hours for some instances).

    Another one for me will be video marketing.

    1) I'm comfortable speaking in front of a mic now (not initially)
    2) Able to reach more audience through youtube (and it's free)
    3) I love sharing ideas with others

    There are many ways to drive traffic. However, what works for me might not work for you.. You just have to try out different things and trust me, after awhile, you'll realize what are those that works best for you..
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    The traffic sources others mentioned here are good, but the important thing to note here is that if you decide to go with several alternative sources, then you should uniquely identify your URLs so that you know which source they are coming from. That way you can optimize and throw out the ones that are not giving you good results, and keep the ones that are.
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    Hello. I am thinking of uadpost so I was wondering if you ever tried? thank you!
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    You want to establish a base site first. Google Traffic is free same with Bing. Start there. Start to expand onto social media engaging with users when you can. I will almost promise everyone here if you throw money at anything paid when your site is not optimized and you do not even know your target traffic or your bounce rate is terrible will be a investment nightmare.

    Best Traffic for starters, Google, Bing, Aka search engines. Once the foundation of the house is built go for the jungle gym. Yeah I consider Facebook, Twitter and paid advertisement a jungle gym.

    Few great mentions for passive traffic is actively engaging in forums, like I am right now. Find different media sites you can post too. Image sites, link = profit my friend.
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    Honourable mentions are writing guest posts for various sites.

    If you want to really be a traffic hungry orc you can advertise that you will write free content if a backlink is included. Some will go for it, after all it is a backlink on a profile and I get free content? The value is too high. That method might cost you money depending on how you get your willing clients. I would assume here would be a good start?
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