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Hi guys,

I'm on a time crunch to set up a membership site. The one I have installed is not going to work for me. I have decided to most likely go with amember pro, and I took a look around the demo, which is probably fine, but it seemed rather stark and cold, but most likely because I was just seeing the admin side of things.

I'm not putting together your average, download a new product each month site. I'm putting together a medical transcription training course over a four month period.

Here's the thing:
1. If I got the incremental content plugin would I be able to let my users move on ahead of time to the next month if they were ready? Will that plugin stop them from seeing ALL the uploaded content though?

2. Will anybody let me see the inside of their amember pro site as a member would see it, if you have something like a training program, not just a new product of the month type of site? I'm hoping it will be more interactive than just sending them to a download page.

3. Would anybody with experience with Amember Pro be willing to help me get it set up, after it is installed, and help me learn my way around it? How much would you charge for this?

4. Or, if anyone has an ongoing training membership site, and would recommend another script, please let me know!

Hoping someone can help. Time is of the essence now.

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