Link Removal Requests - Google's New External Link Policy

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Someone has asked me to remove links to their site in response to Googles new external link policy and I'm not sure what I should do.

I'm posting this here because I can see that this could become a common occurrance and I would like to form a policy for when it does. Hopefully this will also be usefull to others here.

The site that these links were on was built out of RSS feeds in 2007. It's a big site and still gets a few visitors from Google for long tail keywords. Removing specific links from a site like this would be a nightmare especialy if I were to get requests from other people too. I had considered taking the whole site down but as it's still getting search visitors I decided against that.

The requestor states that they don't even know if my site is a problem but they want to be on "the safe side". Bit of a cheek you might say.

What do the Warriors think about this and how should we handle this new Google policy?
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