Release book or wait till other items are done?

by Rich7
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I've written a how-to book that I'm confident will be very helpful to a good number of people.

I intend to sell the book as a pdf thru a WSO, and I'm thinking about creating a bigger package:

For example, a membership site, with the book available at one level of membership, videos relating to each chapter at another level of membership, and possibly another product at another level of membership.

But before I set up that membership site, I'm thinking of selling just the book on its own thru a WSO.

Then later I'll set up the membership site, or another bigger package centred around the book, and I'll promote that package through another WSO.

One reason for selling just the book first, is to familiarize myself with the WSO system.

But equally, this book, I believe is really good - it will be really helpful for people. It's not a quick hashed-together product. I do want to get mileage out of it. So I only want to follow that process if it's sensible.

So my question is:

Would you say selling just the book to begin with, is a sensible idea?

Or would you say it might make more sense not to sell the book yet - not to create that first WSO for the book - to wait till I have the bigger package ready?

(The book itself is totally ready. The other stuff isn't.)

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  • I like to get products out on the market and build from there. You'll get feedback on the book that you wouldn't get otherwise, which will help when you build out the back end.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    Sell the book. My brother wrote a short book on how to control troubled teens as a first volume and offers a free sample. Show your audience a sample of your first how to volume and sell the rest of your book. You need to make sure the sample only gives enough to drive a person to look more into what you are teaching. It is like a trailer before a movie.
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    i think you should release the EBook with a link for your site and tell them to continued
    David Ben ami
    Internet marketer
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    Go ahead and sell the book, whatever you lose in terms of immediate upsell/cross-sell potential you will make up with building an initial customer list, getting some solid feedback and (hopefully) testimonials.

    You can use all of this to put together your other back-end offerings and still launch them to your list as well as piggy back them on future WSO's.

    As product creators, we never think in terms of one product, only getting started and following up with a family of products that continue to target needs and wants of our prospects.

    Don't be afraid - go get em!

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