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I figured out the new solution to triple my e-book sales. It came to me about a week ago. I turned one of my e-books into video courses. It has turned out to be genius.
Let me explain its the YouTube revolution. It seems now most people like to consume information alot quicker. Rather than reading long boring e-books. Video has fulfilled that appetite and it's growing everyday. If you haven't turned your e-book into videos you are just leaving money on the table.
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      Thanks. Good information. This seems very simple but we do not think.
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    Good idea. Thanks for sharing. I will try it with my ebooks and the new one I'm working on.
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  • Yes, video is the key for success right now. But for me it's a problem to convert my ebooks in video, because I must outsource the job being not English mothertongue.

    Anyway it's a wonderful idea to give a new life also to old ebooks we released a few months ago, also to be released as free video resources.

    Thanks so much for this golden post!
    See you soon,
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