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Hello Everyone,

We are starting an Offline Business and need help with ideas for some of the best responsive wordpress themes to choose from. We are a local firm and would like to know what responsive themes you would recommend to start with. We are new to wordpress and looking online at all these themes is overwhelming. Please suggest some themes that are best suited for an offline consultant. I have been hearing that Genesis and Thesis are some of the best.

Thanks in advance,

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    Well for consulting it depends on what you are consulting. If it is for business base, than you should look in into a more professional simple backgrounds, but if it is for the entertainment industry it should have more trendy highlights, the list may go on and on. You need a purposed theme on what you are consulting.
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      Thanks for responding. We are a local offline marketing business and will be selling Local SEO, Reputation marketing, Mobile marketing, etc to local businesses. We want a site that will look professional and be able to have all the basics such as services, about us, contact forms, place for video on main page.

      We have been looking at many themes and wanted to know what fellow offline marketers are using.
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    In "your kind of bussiness" there are a lot responsive themes out there. You can buy one from themeforest for 30 dollar or hire a designer for a custom theme.

    A responsive web is a better web

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      Odds are if you choose a single theme to customize, you are going to want or need someone around who can alter that theme for you depending on the client.

      You might be better off in the beginning by selecting specific themes for specific businesses. As someone mentioned above, themeforest has some high quality stuff for less.

      Otherwise if you have someone who will be dedicated to altering each theme as needed, you might find something just below me worth checking out.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone, and thanks Jill for the link. I've heard good things about the Genesis framework. I was just put on to the Catalyst themes/frameworks today. They look good being HTML5 and responsive. Has anyone had any experiences with them? Good or bad. Thanks
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