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Hello fellow warriors,

OK so I need to build a list and I have done a squeeze page to hopefully do that will but now my question is how do you get traffic to your squeeze page?
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    Forum marketing in your signature, as you're already doing, or buy traffic via solo ads which will build your list much faster. You can then do ad swaps with other list owners to increase your subscriber base even further.

    - Marcus
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    Yeah solo ads are the way to go, also youtube will be good to drive traffic to a squeeze page.
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      Hi Jacob.

      Any tips in creating a good youtube video ?


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    Agreed - forum marketing - people click signatures like the one below and solo ads. You can also post on blogs and ask to be a guest blogger if you have something interesting to say
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    Thanks Jacob and Marcus I was actually looking at using Fiverr to do a solo ad but they needed a swipe email which I have never written before. I have tried to google "how to write a swipe email" but no real tips on how to. Where did you learn to write swipe

    Thanks for the advice
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    You might be confusing the word "swipe"...

    It's just the copy or text of your email and the subject line. Write the subject line to get the email opened and write the body to get the link clicked...

    And I don't think fiverr is the best place to look for solo's, try the jv section here or google it.
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    Video marketing, article marketing, forums, blogging, paid advertising... nothing wrong with paid advertising... probably shoulda been the first option i listed in this post.
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    You get traffic to your squeeze page the same way you would for any other website, but, excluding SEO.

    By the way. If you're using forums like the W.F to generate leads, get rid of the woodworking link. It serves no purpose other than to dilute the effectiveness of other relevant links. If generating leads onto your list is the focus point of forums then maybe you should just have one link to the squeeze page and take out the other link to your blog. One option to a person is better than two in this case.

    Just my opinion though, and opinions are just that, opinions
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    There are tons of ways to get traffic to your squeeze page. Here are just a few...

    Article Marketing
    Solo Ads
    Forum Marketing with Signature
    Paid Advertising
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    All of these are great ways to get traffic to your site. The top ways I get traffic to my site are:
    forum posting
    blog commenting
    guest post on some blogs
    put up videos on youtube
    Also, there are websites that give you free credits when you sign up so you can use them to get traffic for free. One that I use is profitclicking, who give you $10 to open an account with them and I used my first $10 to point traffic at my two sites. They don't happen instantly though, it took about 3 days before the clicks started coming in.

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    Use articles, ads, youtube, social networks and forums and of course you could also do a blog and go for the longtail. That'll keep you more than busy for a while and bring you some nice traffic over the long term.
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    - Facebook Ads
    - Adcenter PPC
    - Solo Ads
    - Banner Ads from Niche Sites
    - PPV (although this takes a fair amount of testing and commitment...and a decent budget)
    - Forum Marketing
    - Blog Commenting
    - Article Marketing and Syndication
    - Youtube

    There are tonnes of ways to drive traffic to your squeeze. Just make sure to test and tweak EVERYTHING!

    Hope that helps mate!
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      IMO the best way are Solo Ads.
      I've been looking for different solos networks, an I think Safe Swaps are the best so far.
      The trick is to figure out the best way to compose your solo emails and track, track, track, together with good and persistent testing.
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    The best way is to buy traffic, but there is of course a potentially risky financial investment in doing that.

    Search for the dozens of ways to get free traffic and use that as a test in how well the page converts. When you tweak it enough to feel comfortable making a financial investment, then move forward.
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    There are enough tips in here to KEEP YOU BUSY till X-mas 2015, but We use press releases, youtube and solo ads.

    Remember to test and tweak everything to get bigger and more killer results.
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