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hey all

i have a painting company currently getting good traffic from targeted search engine traffic but my conversions i believe are terrible lol. out of 75 visits in a week from target traffic im getting around 1 -2 calls... if i could achieve a 10% conversion rate id be expanding my company by $300,000 a year easy.

iv been reading up on conversion optimization but im stumped on the content .. like what to add really i dont even know what to really say to my customers to make them call me really iv just got a mind plank because iv been tweaking it so many times im outa gas hence why im hear .. the best idea iv had is create a whiteboard video same as rand fishken ( seo moz ) and sell my service the same as i do face to face .. i thought about in the video outlining the benefits of receiving a quotation from our company ( our quotes process smashes our competitors ) something like " the for areas of a quotation " .. what are your thoughts ? should i approach my painting companies site in a different way and create a "sales funnel" trying to channel everyone to the "contact us " page like ikea does LOL! or let them roam around at will ? iv changed designs a couple of times and just when you think somethings working it slows down ..

i know i need an opt in form which is a biggy but just dont want another area to focus on untill i get the site structure down pat.. the address is

www.sapainting. com. au

any help or thoughts would be heaps of help.. i thought the slider thingy with the offers would help but hasnt done nothing ..
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    Set out one or two different templates and test which one works best. Once you have done this you can then start playing around with other factors to increase conversion especially as there is some great software out there that lets you monitor exactly where the hot spots on your site are.
    Personaly I would exchange that great block of text for an autoplay video explaining what you do (use the text to make a video powerpoint slides or videoscribe) make it entertaining and direct them to your contact details which are not clearly obvious and need to be. Try to capture emails with a voucher competition or something so you can follow up on those that don't call immediately. A/B Testing Tool | Split Testing and Multivariate Testing Software - Visual Website Optimizer
    Sparkol: VideoScribe - Whiteboard Drawing Animation made easy
    Test and test and test again.

    Good Luck

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    I myself use to run a construction company and I was very sucessful due to marketing online, here are the steps I used to make my construction site have about over 200 visitors daily with over 500 subscribers.
    1.) Do your keyword research. I did a huge keyword research on a ton of keywords that are non competitive and have about 20k visitors monthly. I had about 300 pages on this website with about 40-50 unique non competitive keywords.
    2.) Next I made how to videos teaching how I do my projects. People think that is crazy showing your work, but I had customers coming to me and say they like the quality of my work as they have seen on the video that they were persuaded to use my service.
    3.) Next blog the heck out of that video using the keywords on your website and use that video on your web pages that has the service topic you are teaching about.
    4.) Next offer a discount for one of your services for someone to become a subscriber or put the person in a raffle like what shintaiguy just described.
    5.) Finally you need post cards. I have sent post cards to each customer with brownies after each job and they always get back to me within a week thanking me for the brownies. I use send out cards to do this. Because of that great impression of the brownies, my customers love to get post cards from me with special offers and holiday greetings. I get 90% of my referrals from post cards.
    I hope this helped, but theses simple steps took my business form 30 visitors daily to 200 within 4 months. It takes a lot of work, but I have shut down the business 2 moths ago and I still have a steady flow of 150 visitors daily. That is powerful. Try it out and email me if you need any other help.
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    If your company does decent business now why not consider hiring someone specifically to optimize your conversions for you through a campaign that includes a professionally written landing page with infomercial style video, a freebie like a discount coupon for your services and an auto responder series that inspires trust and action.

    It would be small money compared to the returns you could expect and much easier in my opinion than driving yourself nuts trying to do it yourself.
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