Calling all warriors. what would YOU do ?

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Hello Warriors.
Late last year I started a social marketing website. Now things were good and i was raking in the $$$ for about 2 weeks, then Google banned my ads.
my business slumped overnight.
I want to know what YOU would do to monetise this site and take it in a different direction ?
It's a lovely looking site and id like to stay on the social side of things
id like to affiliate and utilise ad-sense, this site does get traffic.
when i have decided on a new direction i will optimize the content from there
so the question is how would YOU change my site ?
What programs would YOU implement ?
PM's & JV's welcome :-) is my site
p.s i know my prices were a little high ;-) this is all going now.
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    I have sort of seen seen this before. Did you get paid mass traffic to your social pages, because if it is through some software or service, sometimes google will see that an the traffic will stop coming. I had a buddy that did this and he ran into your same situation.
    What he taught me was that google like baby steps. Fore example my friend got about 100 members in his social group the first day , then 200 the next, then 300. I hope this makes sense, but that is what I have seen in my experience.
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