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I have a question about something I've been wondering on for a long time now.

Should I rather use standard Amazon affiliate links on my website than shortened Amazon affiliate links?

Because something that I'm afraid for is if Amazon makes the shortened URL's invalid after a while because many URL shorteners does exactly that.

Do anyone know?

And if you know about pros and cons, please let me know!

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    How about using the standard amazon affiliate link and cloaking it?

    Kind Regards,

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      Originally Posted by danaziz View Post

      How about using the standard amazon affiliate link and cloaking it?
      Isn't cloaking very "black-hat"? (According to WikiPedia)

      I've never cloaked before by the way. I don't even know what it is :p
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    Just use full links, just in case you can be sure they will always work. Or is there some other reason why you want to use shortened links?
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    Link cloaking isn't black hat. A link redirection makes your link look better. Not sure why you are worried about the links. My guess would be that yes they would pull the links if the product is pulled. So you are best to check that the product is still valid over time. If the product is valid so should the link be. hope that helps a little

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    If you're on wordpress, downlink this plugin: WordPress › Pretty Link Lite « WordPress Plugins

    I use it to "cloaked" and "masked" my affiliate link.. for instance

    It's safe to use.. There are big names bloggers out there using this plug-in too.

    Good luck,
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    Apparently you've made $16,415.50 through Amazon in July of this year....why not keep using the same method you have been using?
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