Is it safe or right way to get a free domain for website for a newbie ??

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Actually I am planning to get my marketing online.........

For setting up a website i found that some websites are offering free domain (like :- for a year or two ..........

Is it safe to go with that domains or not ( temporarily just for few months ) ???????????

For example :- If i want to join or Google ad sense programme, Will i be according to their terms or not ???????
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    I think it's ok.
    Offering free domain from domain website is their promotion program and you luck if they can give a year or two year free TLD domain like ".com".
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    Your right Ja, there in order to get a good domain, it requires investment, but that means it also requires commitment. There are plenty of simple ways to get a domain. If you are completely inexperienced at building a website and getting a domain, I would recommend It is very affordable and great for beginners.
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    Domains are always purchased per year so don't worry about that. Also, the free domain is common through webhosts as they are more concerned with getting you as a webhosting customer. Like was already stated, the couple bucks a month for hosting is a very good investment to get your internet marketing or business underway.
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    invest that $10 , then it is your domain and have no problems later.
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    I seriously doubt that CJ would approve a site built on those free domains you're talking about. They're actually a bit finicky about the site you submit. It doesn't pay in the long run to take that kind of shortcut.
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    It depends on what you are wanting to do. If you just want to learn how to create content and a good site then start off with something like webstarts then buy a domain through them at a later date. You can still put banners up on their sub domains depending on what affiliate network you are with. Not sure about CJ and Adsense

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