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I'd like to know how others are generating free traffic to their websites. I'm just starting out and CPA kinda scares me at this point.

Ellie M
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    There are a lot of ways to generate free traffic but it really depends on the type of website you are trying to promote and your content.
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      People use lots of ways to generate free traffic. I use Social media, forum, blog commenting, seo and etc to drive traffic.
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    i use forum signatures (as seen below), guest blog commenting, twitter/facebook, and recently some cpa sites (the ones that require you to click, not autosurf)
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    A lot of ways to get free traffic, some are:
    - Blog comment
    - Forum posting
    - Yahoo answer
    - Article submissions
    - Video marketing
    - Social bookmarking
    - Twitter, facebook, pinterest, and any other social media
    - Guest blogging (you have to pay in some blogs, but you also can find the free one)

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      Another way is to rank your website on the first page of Google search for your keywords. You will need to do SEO for your website.
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      Originally Posted by bizamanda View Post

      A lot of ways to get free traffic, some are:
      - Blog comment
      - Forum posting
      - Yahoo answer
      - Article submissions
      - Video marketing
      - Social bookmarking
      - Twitter, facebook, pinterest, and any other social media
      - Guest blogging (you have to pay in some blogs, but you also can find the free one)

      I'm agree with Amanda.. and I know some other methods too

      - Search engine submissions
      - Viral marketing
      - Directory submissions
      - E-mail marketing and
      - Linkedin is also useful

      Good luck.
      Freelance Web Designer and Developer
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      Originally Posted by bizamanda View Post

      A lot of ways to get free traffic, some are:
      - Blog comment
      - Forum posting
      - Yahoo answer
      - Article submissions
      - Video marketing
      - Social bookmarking
      - Twitter, facebook, pinterest, and any other social media
      - Guest blogging (you have to pay in some blogs, but you also can find the free one)

      What works for me is article submission you get high quality back links. Also if you are persistent then you get a decent amount of free traffic if you post 10 a week
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      Originally Posted by bizamanda View Post

      A lot of ways to get free traffic, some are:
      - Blog comment
      - Forum posting
      - Yahoo answer
      - Article submissions
      - Video marketing
      - Social bookmarking
      - Twitter, facebook, pinterest, and any other social media
      - Guest blogging (you have to pay in some blogs, but you also can find the free one)

      Yes, all good. We'd put social media at the very top, though! It's the best way to spread content quickly. Build a good fan base and go from there! Good luck!
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    Free traffic takes time to generate especially when your not getting it from JV's. Plus depends where you get it from can affect your conversions.


    This will NOT be up for long. Get it now whilst You still can. Btw it's FREE...
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    2 words: Youtube, Torrents! ...search the forums for methosd with those 2 traffic sources... this are THE BIGGEST traffic sources on the internet at this time ... so... search and read ...Both work great for incentivized CPA offers
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    One thing I want to mention. There are some great suggestions for you to start getting free traffic, and a lot of the suggestions above will work nicely. However, if you are new to this whole internet marketing thing, keep in mind that it is going to take time for you to start seeing a steady income. But if you stick with it, it really can be worth your while.
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    Safelist is a pretty good way
    David Oriol

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    I am looking for good targeted traffic as well, I would ever pay if was good
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    There are many many guides on this forum and others on how to generate traffic to your site, do a lot of reading and you should find some ways that will work for your particular site.
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    Ellie M, Hiya, i know your question was asking for methods for free traffic. Comments have already been posted about doing SEO optimization, Blogging, article writing etc, However these methods can take a considerable amount of time and research. So i am assuming you would rather be using your time to be making money then researching?

    If you have a strategy in place and understand the dynamics of what you want to achieve and need traffic, they key targeted traffic for you specific niche can be obtained by Solo Ads. I presume you aware of this strategy and i appreciate its not for free, However if you have a auto responder in place you can build you own list from the investment into Solo-ads. This is a method many marketers use to build their list, and once a satisfied list is built, many opt to do ad swaps to further their list size etc.

    If you are just starting out and want to do the basic and for free. Then look into keyword research ( Google keywords) and how to find affective keywords, Having found those keywords you could create a domain name based on those keywords. Having a strong keyword domain name with enable you to gain authority on the search engine etc.

    If you having difficulty in understand the program of keywords via google etc, you can always look up demo videos on Youtube etc.

    However i would recommend you spend less time on research and use you time on Solo ads and focus on the more important roles of your business. If you can outsource work, then great. Its all about creating leverage.....

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      My main free traffic methods are writing lots of fresh new content around relevant keywords for the longtail traffic, optimized YouTube videos (quite easy to rank nowadays), and syndicating blog posts and mini ads throughout relevant Facebook Groups using Hootsuite.

      Prlog.org is also a cool press release site for free traffic as it tends to rank quite well in the main Google search. Squidoo seems to be making a comeback as well for those who like to leverage other sites for traffic, but make sure to focus on building up the authority of your primary site as the priority.
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    Create a blog and frequently update it with engaging content to attract visitors. Submit your content to high authoritative web sites to increase your web traffic. Use your keywords as anchor links which will help increase your SERP's.
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    If you want to get free traffic to your site or blog, you can do the following.

    a. You have to optimize your site for search engines
    b. Update the contents of your blog or site
    c. Utilize social bookmarking sites
    d. Create free product, ebook, service
    e. When you post in forums include the URL in your signature

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    Go for YouTube. It's much easier to rank than the webpage and with proper video you can bring in more subscribers and buyers, because you can practically pre-sell to the viewers easily. I would, however, try to make some good videos, at least a presentation type, and would definitely avoid animoto type of junk videos.
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    As what others have already stated, you have to do well with search engine rankings, create quality and natural backlinks, forum posting, blog commenting, and the like.

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    Out of all the excellent choices you've been given choose 1 or 2 of them. For a moment forget the rest. Master or become proficient in the 2 you pick. Then move on to the next traffic tactic.

    If you do that you will have a breakthrough. The first one being you stuck to one thing and got good at it. The other is you now know how to generate traffic like the back of your hand. Plus you have the option now of teaching someone else how to do it. Package the teaching how you like. Paid (wso) or free report.
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    Hey Ellie

    I use loads of free traffic sources and am very successful using them. Check out my sig and sign up to get access to a cool FB page about free traffic methods.

    Here are some of the methods i use:

    Facebook Pages
    Google +
    Writing Articles
    Posting in Forums

    there are many more which can be utilized on a daily basis

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    There's o free traffic. You have to pay it with your times, efforts, and stress lol

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Did anyone mention Youtube replies? Is that a good way?
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    Leverage from the power of social media. If you have a blog all set up, then signup for top social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and other top social bookmarking sites. You will notice how fast you can get free traffic with these sites.

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    If you want free traffic, seo is recommend, but more times than not seo involves investing, but not always. Just for back linking tools/services and proxies. Video marketing is really not right now on YouTube. And YouTube videos are fair easy to rank compared to a new domain.
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    Here are my current sources:

    1. My affiliates
    2. Forums
    3. Social media
    4. List building
    5. Youtube
    6. LinkedIn
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    Among them, social sites are the best.
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    I write articles giving helpful lessons and original information based on new scientific discoveries. The information I give in my articles cannot be found anywhere. I’m giving away content I should charge for.

    This is everything I’m really doing, besides a little bit of many other activities.

    I tried to do many other things, but I felt that I was wasting my time and having poor results for the time I was spending doing these things.

    I also tried PPC but this cannot work for me because my products are original, they are not known products. So, my visitors have to think.

    It’s not a good idea to pay for thinkers.

    So, I saw that I had better do what I can do well instead of wasting my time with marketing strategies that took too much of my time, and which I basically dislike. I prefer to teach the public.

    I’m glad because EzineArticles is becoming stronger again. I always submit my articles to EZA because I have their widget at my sites, what shows to my visitors that there is new information there everyday.

    I also created 82 Squidoo lenses, which are driving traffic to my websites and blog.I stopped creating lenses because only a few of them where getting real traffic. But I’m glad because some of the lenses I have created keep sending me visitors, who remain longer at my websites and blog. Now I'm trying to send more traffic to my existing lenses.

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    Some of my favorite sources of free web traffic is by creating interesting and engaging content that I submit to high authoritative sites such as Digg, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Within my content I use my seo keywords as anchor links to help improve my SERP's.
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    use cpm and seo and sem
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    time = money
    when you market things with Low ROI and Tiny Comission (like most of the offers) its a problam to Succes with Paid Advertising

    The most important thing as i see is:
    Built a list (AR)
    use remarketing & Social Remarketing
    Market Offers & Systems that paid High Comission and have a good ROI

    the most Important thing ALWAYS Enjoy What you do!!!
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    There are a lot of FREE traffic source online. Here are some

    1) Article submissions

    2) Blog research and comments

    3) Yahoo Answers

    4) Forum marketing

    5) Free press release sites

    6) Craigslist

    7) Testimonial backlinks

    8) Free blog directory sites (if your site is a blog)

    9) Basic SEO (if you have a blog, you can use a free SEO plugin like Yoast)

    Like with anything else, there are ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES to each of the methods above. Figure out your work time budget and select the traffic method that fits your work and time budget. No money needed just spare time. Read the pros and cons of each traffic method by visiting: Critique of 50 top ways to drive traffic to your site | free website traffic
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    I like forums, article marketing, blogging, youtube, social media, and referral marketing.
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    Wow, thanks for all the suggestions and help, guys! I think I have some good starting places now and I'll be checking into all of them ... Warrior Forum Rocks!

    Ellie M

    Ellie Manwiller
    Unbridled Traveler
    "With enchanted eyes we watch as these sweet moments turn to memories."

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    hi, any body no how to SEO your youtube video so you can boost you video views, rank top of page 1 of youtube and google.

    please message me

    Mo Parekh
    Underground Supper Affiliate

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    Thanks for the interesting thread... timely information and helpful for me as well.
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    lots of ways to implement. any noob can try these methods to do something.
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    You dont have to use every method.

    Here are mine:



    just starting YOUTUBE VIDS


    second level importance on off and on page SEO.

    Backlinks ONLY GUESTBLOGGING - Varied anchor text and always dofollow

    On page seo - keyword in title and description and once more in plain text in my 500 word post.

    there u go. thats all u need.
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    There is no short cut to free high quality traffic.... Roll up your sleeves, figure out what your target market is searching for and write about it.

    Use Google's tool to find out what your target market is looking for : https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool

    And then use WordPress + the written word to get started.
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    I'm seeing plenty of good advice here guys. Thanks for sharing!
    Didn't even think about Y! answers.. you are right. it is free source of traffic.
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    try to make a video and post it to Youtube...

    Sounds simple....do it and enjoy the results...
    Skype : fas66sky
    Discord : FasF #2567
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    There no free traffic rules or ways all are fake just pay attention on organic
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    I have been using Heading tags on my articles lately and that seems to help with SEO and traffic from that. I would suggest people read up on how to use heading tags, it only takes 5 minutes but could be priceless....
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    Do the on page and off page SEO well. Then you can get natural organic traffic
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    i would like to suggest you that improve your website ranking and put always fresh content in your posting. you will definitely get huge traffic on your site.
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    Do your own SEO compaign. You can start from the basic linkbuilding like directory submission, article submission, rss submission, press release, bookmarking and then building more quality links through guest posting, forum posting, link wheels, blog commenting, and posting to answer sites.

    I hope that helps!
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