Does anyone here "sell" linkedin follows?

by Edupa
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I was wondering how I could get more linkedin followers, since I can pay for facebook likes. That would look impressive at first sight. Anyone have suggestions about that?

Thanks in advance
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    Fiver might be a good place to look for something like that.
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    You can find people contacts but contacts email addresses that you can import to your linkedin account. Pm me i have 7800 linked in contacts email addresses that i recently brought from fiver
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    Yes you can pay me to follow you on LinkedIn. Ryan Reynolds.

    Joking, of course

    On a serious note, I just tried to post a link to a fiverr gig looking for exactly what you are asking for, but WF said no because my post count isn't 15 yet. Ill come back in a bit and post the link when I'm allowed. Sorry to not be of much help. Or PM me and I'll give you the link through there if in allowed.
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    Try this

    Here see if this works ...

    Hxxp://fiverr dot com/rmbrown3000/promote-to-my-22000-linkedin-connections-your-productpersonalcompany-page-or-facebook-twitter-myspace-youtube-linkedin-follow-request

    Replace the word "dot" with a period. And change the XX to TT

    Hope this doesn't get me banned, just trying to help.
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    Actually I want for my company's page, not my own profile. But thanks!
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    Just join LION (put that in on a search in LinkedIn) the Open Networkers groups and after you join the group, post your id or LinkedIn email contact and you will get dozens and dozens of people following you daily

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