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Hello Fellow Warriors!

Ive been a long time browser and have learned a lot from this forum and now I have come with some questions.

First a bit of information.

My niche is Internet Marketing.

I am doing Affiliate marketing right now to start with.

Right now I am focusing on solo ads for my main source of traffic to build my list. I am also in the process of setting up a blog to bring in traffic from there but to also engage my list further.

When my blog is finished, I will be offering a 7 day course on an Internet Marketing related topic. So I would plug this into an autoresponder. I then plan on communicating with my list with live daily emails.

My question relates to the Solo Ad method though. My solo ad is for an offer that I am an affiliate for but its a licensed program where I receive 100% commissions. So I lead with the squeeze page my mentor created and then they go into his sales funnel. I still get the lead though.

My question is what is the best way to follow up with this list. It would be different than the list I build on my blog because they get my free course first. Also they may be more familiar with me if they explored my blog.

For affiliate marketing do you want to have more offers being sent to your list then you would in a normal list?

Do you want it fully automated with autoresponders, or would it be best to do live emails.

I feel this list would have to have a different approach then the list I would build from my blog.

Basically is there a different strategy that an Affiliate Marketer should take when it comes to Solo Ads/Email Marketing.

Any advice is appreciated!
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