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Grettings everyone!

I've been reading this forum for a couple of weeks now and Im still trying to figure out how to start on IM. First, I've been told to look for a niche. I do have one. I just don't know how to put everything to work for me. My niche fits on the Crafts and hobbies section I guess. I actually make candles and I am really good at it (I'm not trying to be an ass I'm just above average making candles) I also make Natural Soap and the other natural cosmetics. I also teach people how to do all of this. I am actually a supplier with vast knowledge on the topics I just mentioned. I have made very good money on contracts by teaching other people how to do what I do so they can actually earn extra money and actually start small businesses.

The thing is I want this whole operation to be more efficient by using the internet. Reaching more customers and people. I know how good it feels to help people and to see the results of what can be accomplished with what I have taught. It is really rewarding.

But how do I apply all of this to IM? I know I could write an E book for one. I do have a blog that I am using for testing techniques about SEO and so far is not working. I know this is a long process I'm trying to get the right advice on how to exploit my knowledge and get it to work for me on the internet. I have also worked on computers for a long time and let me tell I have been humbled, as IM probably does not have much to do with the technology but on how you exploit it. I also have worked on silicone mold making. And I am a core fan of the Android OS. I own tablets and smartphones and I do have above average knowledge on the OS and devices.

I'm also the guy most of my friends and family go to because of my general knowledge. Everybody sees potential in me but I don't know how to use it I guess. This is not as simple as just copying a hop link and re-posting it on a ad campaign.

I have read the Work from no home system and It has been great help because it gave me a step by step guide on how to do SEO and some other valuable information. And I did learn many things about writing content ( and hopefully I'll be able to use it on the future) but right now it's not for me.

I hope what I'm saying makes sense to you guys and that you can provide some insight on how should I start. I want to make more, and I feel that in the past weeks I've been going around to much and not doing enough towards starting. Guys I appreciate in advanced any help or advice you guys can provide.
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    What about a complete video course with an accompanying eBook? Videos always sell and as making candles is hands on you could do it easily.

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    start a blog in your niche i recommend

    your or your

    this way you can start branding yourself and build a list

    hope this helps
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    Hello Danko,

    Your problem seems to be a simple one.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    1) You have a unique skill set to produce stuff you want to sell.

    2) You want to use the internet as a medium to sell.

    Here is how you do that:

    1) You identify who may or might be interested in what you have to offer.

    For the internet - which is run by search engines - I would start doing research there.

    Then paying for search ads.

    2) More importantly - Your offer.

    Ask yourself this - what direct advantageous benefit am I or can I supply to my customers and clients to generate appeal in my marketing?

    Meaning - what can you do that is "extra or un" ordinary.

    Figure out a way to mold your offer to the interests, tastes and likes of your market.

    Actual strategies for marketing -

    I would suggest starting with search if you wish to sell candles.

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    That's the thing, all I want to learn is how to market or work with affiliate products but I keep getting recomended make a page, build a list. What I wish to do is earn comissions and sell other products. The reason I mentioned what I currently do is because of the recomendations of finding a niche.

    So... is (putting is in basic terms) get your hoplinks and start an ad campaign, build pages of recomendations on their behalf to get your comissions?
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    If you already have a blog then start off as an affiliate within your niche. Place the affiliate links on your blog and submit it to blog search engines.
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    Exactly, you already have the easy part done. You have a defined skill and niche. Start a blog, make videos, get a good website done with all of the products you offer and then do some SEO for it so you can be seen on a bigger scale. If you are already fairly well known in your community, start with local seo to branch out a little bit and go from there.
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    Find a Mentor, learn and earn.

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    Hello Danko,

    It sounds like you are on the right track (for a new person, just starting out). This can be a confusing time because you may want a proven system with step-by-step guidance on how to be successful. The problem is that the route to success differs slightly from person to person, however there is a basic framework that you can follow which should help to keep you moving in the right direction. The frame work goes as follows :

    Step 1.) Set your long term goals - Get clear on exactly what it is that you want to accomplish over the next 3-5 years. We all have several different things that we are good at, however you have to choose which one to focus on at any given time.

    Step 2.) Find a Mentor - Look for someone who is already successful at doing exactly what it is that you would like to be successful at in the next 3-5 years. (building a $100,000.00 per year internet marketing business, etc, etc). This will be your first step in developing a group of like minded people to work with and learn from (a mastermind group).

    Step 3.) Create your own specific action plan based on the steps that you will need to take to achieve your daily, weekly, monthly and future goals.

    Step 4.) Work your plan, while making corrections and adjustments along the way.

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  • I own a company that builds complete info marketing products, sets up initial traffic sources, starts the email lists and creates sales funnels for experts that have a lot of knowledge in their area of expertise, but are not experts in the internet industry. PM me if you are interested in something like this or have any questions I might be able to help with. You'll love the internet business world! Good luck.
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    I always tell this to IM newbies. dont hesitate to ask this
    forum if you have any questions -here you go:

    These are the building blocks of IM:
    1. Find a Profitable Niche
    2. Set up a Blog/Website
    3. Create Squeeze Page/Sales Funnel (understand your target & get a nice free opt-in gift)
    4. Traffic Generation (unfortunately you need to spend some $$ for some quality traffic)
    5. Track Results (analyze your campaign -adjust 3 or 4 as necessary)

    HINT**: If something is working for you -keep doing it -just rinse & repeat!

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      First , Thank you all for the replies and thank you to the people who have offered their services. It's good to know there is support available at the click of a button.

      Second, I can't believe it! I actually checked my amazon affiliate accound today and found that had made 2 sales!! It is not much of course but for having the blog running for just 2 weeks, I think it looks promising. They were digital books (kindle books) the total earnings were $17.98.

      The little traffic I've been getting is from advertising my blog trough facebook. Not with ads, but by posting a link on my business fan page (between the 3 we have a couple thousand users) I feel motivated really. I'll keep updated.

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    Congrats danko78. U are already on the right track.. just stay focus and fine tune your marketing strategies.. For your case.. I recommend video marketing since you have the skills.. Scale up your efforts and you reach what you want
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    As mentioned above...find a reputable mentor that will guide you...this will save you lots of time and $$$
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      Thank you all for the great advice! Every word is appreciated. I've been reading a lot of advice for newbies recently on the forum. It's great that such advice is offered. And I agree with a lot of it. You cannot be lazy, you have to read, educate yourself about what you are going to to do. One thing I believe a newbie should do (including all the before mentioned) is actually start right away at working on stuff. Don't just sit and read, execute. I personally haven't spent any money yet. Just in the course I mentioned before. And I know good products have their value.

      I can actually relate to the comments made on other newbie posts about laziness and not willing to work the stuff out and just wanting money to rain on them in a few days. I've recomended to some friends what I am doing right now because I know that have value to offer but they don't really even show the interest of doing it. Worse thing is many of them are actually out of work and could probably have the time to work on something the like or love and capitalize on it. So I think most of the failure ( in any business) comes down to making bad decision because of lack of knowledge, or will to get it and just plain giving up cause they're tired of X or Y. Dunno probably not making sense, but anyway...cheers
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