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Hi, I'm new here and I'm trying to start my online business, I've been researching for a couple of years and did a few tries with some websites of domestic services and promoted them with ppc campaigns, it was giving good results but all of a sudden a bad period came and I spent a fortune on adwords without any return, after that I've been reading a bit about SEO and online marketing but I'm always sort of missing the right idea or marketing strategy I still don't know where I am going wrong but I want to keep on trying.
If anyone could be kind enough to recommend any practical books that would help or online marketing strategies and ideas I would really appreciate as I really need to learn and put it in practice to quit my day job as my boss is making my life miserable and I don't manage to find another job once I'm 40 and nobody wants to hire somebody over 35.
Thanks in advance for any input
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    Best advice I can give you is to join the war room and learn from the wealth of quality information that is available there. It might be the best $37 you ever spend.

    Good luck with sacking the boss

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    This IM thing is a funny ol game that`s for sure

    I have made many mistakes the same as most people but you just have to keep plugging away even when it gets tough

    Like i say to most people with your same problem and that is choose 1 "do-able" money making method and hammer the hell out of it

    The reason why most people fail is because they keep jumping from course to course or product to product

    Focus on 1 thing only and you will see results much faster

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    Good point Paul, Most newcomers will never give one method a fair shake before they move on to something else. It takes time to become successful, so don't give up on one system because you didn't make any money in the first two weeks.
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    It's very easy to spend a great deal of money on courses and the latest and greatest products - beware - there is a lot of good information here for free. Remember it's about business rather than Internet Marketing - don't lose sight of this as all that glitters...
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    Hi, I cant send you a PM since i am a beginner myslef. But I notice that us beginners usually get things done in a much faster rate if we have partners. I am not trying to sell you anything. Just want general opinions about my site, and in return i would do the same thing for you and even help you out if you have something that is confusing you. I have skype. apalisoc9..add me up if you're interested.
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    This is my first post so not sure how credible I will appear to give advice.

    The answer is to find a large group of people with a problem they want solved and give them the solution. While you are providing them the solution in the form of a book or video or audio recording collect their email addresses. It doesn't matter if you charge for this solution or give it away. Though I'd recommend giving it away in exchange for their email. Get a decent list and then joint venture with other marketers in your niche. Do some ad swaps with your list to grow it. I have only looked around here a little bit but it looks like there is a section right here on the forum to find JV partners.

    Once you get a list of say 500 people, find someone who is doing a webinar for a kick ass software program that costs $2000 or more. They will handle all the details. Just send an email to your list about the webinar. Get 10 people to sign up for it. Even if you're only getting 50% commission thats still 10K you just earned for about a month's worth of time.

    Notice I used the word "time" instead of "work". That's the way you will begin to account for your life. It's not about how much you work or how hard, but how much time did it cost you. That's where the real value is. It is the only resource we cannot reproduce or recover.

    Schedule the webinar to repeat once a month. Continue to grow your list and network with other marketers.

    Don't focus on the money, just focus on over delivering and providing the answer to their problem.

    And get a mentor. It will dramatically decrease the learning curve.

    There is no secret to making money online. Just keep it simple. Don't overthink things. Stay focused. And be persistent.

    I'm not afraid to give away my methods. The competition doesn't scare me, its an advantage to have an army of fellow marketers that can help me promote stuff.
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    Pick a proven formula and stick to it until you make money.

    Hope this helps


    [B]If you are looking to turn your ebook into an Amazon bestseller,then visit,and let me help you

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    First of all, if an ebook sounds too good to be true, it is. There's no magical formula to get you start making a thousand dollars a day, you'll start out small and you have to keep trying.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    yes I have been looking for a good affiliate program but no luck. They all are zero in returns
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    Hey there I would recommend you to read this book called "get rich click". This book basically explains most of the ways to make money online. You can choose one of the method you are interested and go to the review section at wf and find a good mentor or course related to it.
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    What don't you launch your own WSO product? In the internet marketing industry, the product makers are the real money makers.
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    Right, make your own product is the way to go. Tired of being promoting someone else's products. It's being your own boss with the product, while everyone else is working for you, get it lol?

    This is ME, this is WHO I AM...

    "Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 37:4

    Kik - HarryNguyen510

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    The first thing to do is to find a community of people with a strong need. Then develop or find products that help fill their need.

    Then build strong win-win relationships within that community.
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    There is some many ways to make money online it can be overwhelming. Keep connecting with people and find a strategy you resonate with and can see yourself doing. Then learn everything you can about it.
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    Google search this "noob guide to online marketing".Its a Killer pdf For Starters and its free.Really free!!You pay them with a retweet ..Don't spend money if you are not sure what you are doing..PPC isn't for noobs unless you have bought a great site with conversion rate 3-4% tested before, or you have an excellent landing page, or you have read tons of tutorials to become a ppc expert.
    PPC is an expensive way to try and fail.There is not such thing as a right idea or clever site(unless you are Zuckerberg) to make money online.Become an expert first in a method you Like most and everything will come natural after lots of tries and fails.
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    This may seem like odd advice, but I just started a Pinterest account on my Facebook and that is a lot of fun. I have seen several reports on how to monetize these images. It is actually really simple to do, and you can add a paragraph of information which may or may not get indexed.

    The point is, you should look at getting into something that can be socially viral. Even if you do article marketing, you have to make the topic worth sharing, where people want to share the information that you have, and hopefully, that will lead back to your money site.
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