Webinar Replays May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

by amuro
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Sorry to be a wet blanket, folks.

But webinar replays may soon be a thing of the past. Meaning that if you did not register or registered but missed the event, you are not able to get in.

If you want to watch the webinar again, you have to sign up for the next one which will be exactly the same as the one you missed. But even so, it will be at that marketer's discertion as to whether or not he wants to do the webinar again.

Anik Singal started this trend in his recent webinar on Why You Are Not Making Money Online. Then followed by George Brown in his live event on Predator. It may be a matter of time before other marketers follow suit.

The only replays you can get are training webinars which you may get as customers and members of the programs you signed up for.

Might be hard to believe now, I know. But still, mark my words.
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    Not everyone replays their webinars, anyway.

    They only do it if they want to, for their own reasons.

    I'm not feeling this same shock and awe at this revelation of yours. Some will replay, and some won't. Same as happens now.
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      If this happens then people would probably find a way to record them and sell it on a lot cheaper anyway.
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    Someone will record it and upload it to Youtube. If the big TV networks and movie studios can't stop it nobody can.
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    Other marketers have done the same thing in previous years, so it is not something new. It's been going on since webinars started being used. Part of the strategy is to create more demand for whatever that particular marketer wants to create the demand for.

    I knew one guy that only ran his webinars 1X each, and he offered a new script at the end of each one of them. Basically, he set the "more demand" idea in motion every time someone missed a webinar. Most people who followed him (so to speak) found out on the first webinar not to be late for the sign up.
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    I actually really like the recorded webinars, this is going to suck if thi happens. We should start a revolution.
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    If they keep having technical difficulties like George is having tonight then maybe the recorded ones are not a thing of the past. Maybe all of this is just to see what the interest would be in a recording. I am pretty tired of waiting.
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    ....people aren't going to stop recording webinars.

    If I did an informational webinar, why wouldn't I record that? Doing it live EVERY single time doesn't yield enough benefit.

    Or if I was doing a series of sales webinars and was doing the last one- why wouldn't I record it? I can keep playing it over and over for years to come.

    The only time you should NOT record a webinar is if
    1) It's a sales webinar, and
    2) You'll be doing more of that exact same webinar in the future
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    Fine by me. With so many promos being done w/ sales webinars, I refuse to invest the time. With my shiny-object disease in remission, I'd rather spend an hour working seriously on the path I've chosen than watch a time-consuming sales video whose info could have been presented in sales letter format that I could scan in a few minutes to make a decision. If that means I miss out on a few bits of possibly useful info, so be it--I'll learn the same info somewhere else (and more rapidly) when I'm ready.
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    I use webinars all the time, they are recorded. I don't see this changing.

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    I think it's actually crazy to not record your webinars unless what you are sharing is very time sensitive.

    I think that people forget that you need to make it EASY to do business with you and in this Global economy, asking/requiring people to be somewhere at some exact time to watch an event or they don't ever get to see it is ridiculous and I'd recommend against it.

    I think webinars and replays will always be used by smart marketers.
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    You can use recorded webinars as bonuses to your list or a product launch. It just depends if you want to record it.
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