Overcoming Buying Resistance...

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Advanced Marketing Concepts:
SEVEN responses you must answer to overcome buying resistance.

Dear Internet Business Friends,

WHY do people buy?

As you know, people buy from people they know, like and trust!

If you are consistently delivering great VALUE to a select group of clients / prospects on a regular basis, that's ONE way of nurturing long term, trusting relationships with repeat clients and customers.

SOME ways of doing this online as you may already know is through email marketing or Blogging, where the proof really is in the pudding in terms of the value you are able to consistently provide over time.

As ethical marketers we always aim to provide value FIRST! We take great pride in over delivering great VALUE and enriching the lives our clients as best we can.

But what if you DON'T have the benefit of already having already EARNED the trust and respect of your leads and prospects? What are the ways you can overcome buying resistance.

Every sales page, webinar, sales letter, promotion etc, should seek to answer these following SEVEN responses to overcome the 'buying resistance' of your prospects...
  1. 'You don't understand my problem'
  2. 'How do I know you are qualified?'
  3. 'I don't need you right now'
  4. 'I don't believe you'
  5. 'What happened if I don't like it?'
  6. 'I can't afford it'
  7. 'What's in it for me?'
Before finalizing any offer you make online, ensure you are providing solutions / answers to of these responses to overcome any 'buying resistance' that some of your prospects may have.

To your online marketing success!

Danny Mancini
*~Internet Business Friends~*
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