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As titled, what is a recommended depth for a sales funnel?

I currently have a funnel in progress that's about 3-4 levels deep into OTOs and bonuses... Is that too deep?

Or depth doesn't really matter as long as it flows (doesn't break)?

Reason being for this question is that, I don't want waste any of my money on driving traffic into my sales funnel, and get nothing out , but i am also scared of too complicated funnel that could make it worse...

So, what are your suggestions?
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    It sounds to me like you're more worried about it converting than how deep it is, right?

    I mean- it could be 1 deep or 20 steps deep. But if nothing is converting, it doesn't really matter.

    Just test a little bit of money at a time, and split test the sales pages. Focus on tweaking the headline to see what converts best.
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    I've have always found that if you keep it very simple and only go one to two levels deep, with TARGETED and scaled offers, it results in more sales. But there is also a number of other factors that come into play. Things like traffic sources, copy and the targeted audience.

    The point is, the simpler the sales funnel is, the better results. However, nothing anybody will say will never speak over real, tested results. So, split-test different funnels.

    Hope that helps.

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      I would start with a simple funnel and then test different tweaks after you have the simple funnel producing a profit.

      A simple funnel with a OTO and a OTO upsell after the first purchase is much easier to change than a more complicated system.

      Make a simple one work, then see how you can improve your results.
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        I agree 100% with the replies in the thread.

        Sometimes though the heart rules the head, so if you have spent a lot of time creating your funnel, (meaning you must have some limited confidence in it) notwithstanding the replies you have received, why not give it a try.

        Don't go overboard with the promotional funds though, just try it and see. If you don't try it, then you will create another funnel and still not have the confidence to use it and so ask for advice again - that's my opinion anyway.

        Take the plunge!

        Just my thoughts,

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    Don't over think things. Generate a lead or lead them to your sales letter page. One will out-pull the other; and the results vary from niche to niche.
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