How to make money in video editing

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I am not a professional but semi-professional video editor. Do you think there is any money to be made providing that kind of services.

I have seen sites like fiverr and freelancer, but they seem to be very "cheap". Considering that video editing can be a tedious job.

Can anyone suggest a decent paying gig resource?
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    Check with there you can find value of your work. But you will have to prove your self by taking different tests.
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    I think a niche exists around what you want to do. Build a site around your service, and also join freelance sites too. You could probably create an information product about your video editing expertise and make money from this.
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    I am not a professional but semi-professional video editor. Do you think there is any money to be made providing that kind of services.
    Money to be made? I don't know if you can make a full-time living editing videos. Maybe you can, maybe you can't. You might be able to find an answer by consulting the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook. As a point of reference, I'm defining "full time living" as grossing upwards of $2000 a month and more. What you can do is check out your competition in the "Gigs" and "Services" section of Craigslist to see how the pro's and semi-pro's market their service. I'd also recommend going to Odesk and Freelancer to find out how strong the demand is for a video editor. Depending on the job title, the Occupational Outlook Handbook might be a pretty good government resource to reference when you're trying to ascertain the demand for a certain occupation.
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      Do you have a demo reel of previous editing gigs? Create a site featuring your work and update your Elance and portfolios. Also look at for job listings in the TV/film biz.
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    Fiverr is calling you than make some quick gigs about your service & see if you find some luck.
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    Video editing is EXTREMELY important. I work in the radio industry and we have video editor on staff for all of our WEBSITE video and TV commercial production. I'm sure you can set-up a freelance business locally and make some pretty decent dough editing for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

    Do you shoot video too? That would be a great ADD-ON. Also, you could host it and make some money on an up-charge.
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