Documentaries on YouTube?!

by Norim
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I just don't understand, how could many people upload entire documentaries on YouTube? Documentaries I've seen in history channel, discovery channel and many more! Is this legal? What about the copyrights!?:confused:

Your answers and replies are appreciated

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    It's not exactly legal, but they only get removed if the copyright holder requests them to be. Heck, you can even watch entire movies on YouTube.

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      I love youtube because i watch docs there.

      Last week I saw a documentary on the band called THe SMiths. I always wondered why they broke up.
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    I know it sounds terrible, but I don't mind it because I don't use cable, so I go on youtube or hulu find the show I may want to see. But they can get caught if the copy right owner wishes to.
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    cooler1, Mpresev, betterwtveter and gpwilson.

    Thank you all for your helpful replies.
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      I was thinking of using some of them to market related products on my website, but then I noticed the huge number of views these videos are getting, and thought they, the channel owners, must make money from Adsense on YouTube!
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    There's documentaries all over the place on Youtube. They are actually fun to watch when you don't want to turn on the tv
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    I watched 3rd Rock from the Sun recently again on YT. Great show, you should revisit it.

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    It's not legal, but it is tolerated by a lot of publishers because it creates brand awareness. If it is an old doc that they're not going to show often it's probably beneficial (as a business decision) to let people share it online.
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    Sometimes (if you have the time) you can watch these documentaries all day long. Love it. Some are even from the 50,60's and even earlier. It's nice to see how production has changed from the earlier days vs 2012 technology
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