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by K Mec
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Hi Warriors,

I dont know whether this has been discussed earlier here or not, I just came across this ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) video and I though this will affect our IM industry heavily.

So sharing this video link:
Overview | ICANN New gTLDs

Summery of this Video:
ICANN developed the New generic Top-Level Domain Program to increase competition and choice by introducing new gTLDs into the Internet's addressing system.
What is a gTLD?
It is an Internet domain name extension such as the familiar .com, .net, or .org. There are 280 ccTLDs but only 22 "generics" in the domain name system right now, but that is all about to change.

That means thare are so many extentions will be available in the future for your domains like example.brand,example.culture,example.home,example .career etc....

What is ICANN?
Better answer is here.

I can image what will be the face of internet after 2 years but can not imagine how big "g" will react because who knows what the next ".thing"?.

So be prepared, lots of challenges ahead for us....
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    Just be careful, even though they say it is the next big thing, still do a ton of research to make sure it is 100% legit.
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      Originally Posted by betterwtveter View Post

      Just be careful, even though they say it is the next big thing, still do a ton of research to make sure it is 100% legit.

      I thing ICANN has an authority to say that..
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    I think it will take time to non tech savvy users to get use to this.
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      I may be missing something, but I don't see the "challenges" presented.:confused:
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    Come on already. Every new TLD is the next big thing, but .COM is the once and future KING.
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    So, they are planning to add more extensions, I do not see any problem about. It is just a name.


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    try to build you list as soon as posible. I feel like, only paid ads will be shown in search reasults,in furture :p
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    I think you are pretty behind the curve if you think this is a new development, this story has been going for a long time already, although it's only being implemented now. In addition I think you should listen to the video from around 3 mins 30 seconds onwards. This speaks about the downsides of the new GTLD'S.

    For example, did you forget to mention it only costs $185,000 to register one for example LOL. How many businesses do you think will look to register one. Not withstanding the rigorous application process which takes a long time to approve and many who apply will be rejected. So is this change the next big thing in the domain world? Not a chance for Joe Bloggs or any medium sized to small business IMO. (Of course these aren't even an option for individuals).

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    This is old, bidding has already occurred but extensions have not been approved and released, and you're missing a key point: new extensions are not like .com or .net where anyone can freely register. These are controlled by companies, such as Google, where the company can either exclusively use the extension itself as a brand, or it can allow third party registrations for general registration, or there may be other rules.

    For instance, the proposed .coupon extension has been bid on by several companies, including Amazon, and Amazon's proposal has this:

    Amazon is proposing a CLOSED .Coupon registry:

    "All domains in the .COUPON registry will remain the property of Amazon. . . .COUPON domains may not be delegated or assigned to third party organizations, institutions, or individuals."

    Under the Amazon registry rules, no individuals, organizations or businesses outside of Amazon will be able to register and use a .COUPON domain name for their websites.

    Right now it is a huge mess. Some domain registrars may take preorders

    I could be wrong, but ultimately I think there will be little to no impact, just like .ws, .cc., co, and other country domains that could have other meanings had their 15 minutes of fame. Either .com will continue to rule, or someday it will seem antiquated as an infinite number dot extensions are in use.

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    This does seem like it will be a big change. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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