Who's The REAL Amazon Affiliate Master?

by SuiteJ
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Ok guys, in quest to start from scratch and figure out how to crush it with Amazon,
I'm looking for the absolute best resource, guide, video series, etc.

Where do I go?

Has anyone actually USED someone's Amazon Associates product and made an astonishing breakthrough with it?

What I'm asking is, who's the REAL Amazon Associate Master up in here?
(If you're afraid to reveal yourself to the masses, I totally understand. You can PM me. lol)

[b]I can make sales[b]

I usually have no trouble making sales via Amazon, even with quick niche sites I whip up to test or use because I had an old domain lying around (I can always get a trickle of targeted SE traffic to product posts).

I can get anywhere from 2-4% click conversion. Is that "normal" for Amazon? Or really bad (as it appears lol)?

For instance I have one really small niche site that made 21 sales for a whopping $35 so far in October. In order to move that decimal point a couple places, is it as simple as targeting higher end products or MORE products or both?

Any tips, tricks, links to resources, or coffee you can offer would be appreciated

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    I used in on my old website that had over 300 pages and 200 visitors daily and I only made $80 per month in commissions from amazon. This website was meant for selling something else. So $80 is not much, but it is something. Sorry I can't help.
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