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Notice: Please accept my deepest apologies in case this post somehow even subtly violates WF's forum policy. Nevertheless, taking the solemnity of the situation into consideration, I will appreciate your support and understanding.

Dear Fellow Warriors,

A few twists of fate led me into the current situation that I either manage to earn $150 within the next 48 hours (thus being able to pay my rent), or I will be forced to leave home.

My only option to raise the money is to work for it online. I am proficient in content writing (don't mention copywriting since 48 hours might appear insufficient for a killer sales copy), graphic design (from flyers to e-book formatting) and data entry.

Logically, I am ready to spend the 48 hours I have left doing whatever online work I could take.

I will be sincerely thankful for any ideas, suggestions or proposals via reply to the thread, PM or e-mail (morgen/dot/ster/at/live/dot.com)

Thank you in advance,
Morgen Ster
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