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Can anyone recommend some sites that sell software and ebooks that have rights that I can give away I think its called MRR rights?

I have found one but seems like all the software is like really old

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    This is what I do and its free.

    Write tips, suggestions, something of value into word and have it formatted like an eBook would. Add some pictures and flash it up a little bit.

    Now transfer the Word Document to a PDF. Make sure everything looks good and where it should be.

    Getting a free eBook cover was the hardest for me to find.
    I finally came across a site called My eCover Maker.
    ecover design - design it yourself online
    You don't even need to sign up. Go there, make your cover, download it and your done.

    Here are 2 covers I made

    Good Luck.
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      If you want to give it away it is usually referred to as Unrestricted PLR Rights or Giveaway rights.

      Tradebit might be worth checking out.

      Resell Products Monthly by Frank Salinas and John Cornetta is a cool little sight as well which includes some products with giveaway rights as way as MRR.
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        I think tradebit and fiverr are the places to find fresh mmr ebooks
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    I know this may sound lame, but I rather make my own ebook to give away with links attached to it to further market my business instead of someone else.
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    Hey, The last comment is one i agree with.

    I would suggest the creation of your own ebook, something you can create, or even outsource, but acquiring PLR material etc, is easy and some what cost effective, However remember your prospects may not appreciate the quality and this may damage you, in the sense of if people later see you trying to promote something, they will recall the ebook and the quality of it. It maybe a good ebook/report but general PLR material can be the same, bland long winded reading.... So make it fresh and inciting and make it your own.

    Create a reputation for yourself and people will appreciate the value you have to offer, and it will certainly stand out from the rest. Impressions do count...
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