MMA Fans, Marketing Via MMA Magazines/Sites?

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I may have asked this before so just in case I'm asking again.

Any MMA fans around? Do any of you advertise in the MMA magazines?

Reason I'm asking is because two of my pals, one a former student are super popular writers and photographers in the MMA field and know all the talent. They have their own magazine print/web that's very popular and decided to take out ads. I figured IM would be great ads for them. Then I remembered there were lots of MMA fans on WF.

I'm figuring fight fans and pros also want to expand their business interests and would welcome IM opportunities and get some of the IM talent hooked up with the MMA talent. I know it sounds weird but I've got friends in boxing, MMA and more covering more area than just their sport. Does this sound too weird?
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    why not create a BJJ product or some other MMA info product.

    How to earn the mount.

    How to set up a darth choke from 8 different positions

    since you have a traffic source waiting for you. you have specific knowledge about the topic, you know people in the industry and you seem passionate.

    you could also use IM to help promote newbie fighters, that would be a cool service.
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      Thanks, but I've been through the 'idea grinder' and I'm staying out of that one. I'm just looking to see if IMers who know their advertising opportunities would advertise IM products in an MMA magazine/website/blog.

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