Twitter Marketing Integration - Site Review Requested

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Hello fellow Warrior.

This week I am launching a new site (major press release etc the whole works etc...) but before it kicks off, I'd like your input on the site concept and any other constructive feedback you can give.

The idea is simple - matching buyers and sellers across the globe (advertising is free and buyers can use RSS for one-click subscription to categories they are interested in - hence no signup required, email and cell phone integration on the cards too).

Mixed in with this are various viral marketing devices as well as one for Twitter Integration.

The site can be found here:
Last Minute Deal and Special Offers: Tweelim

Here are a couple of explanatory videos:
What Is Tweelim

You don't have to signup to test things out (in fact don't - wait for the JV or WSO details for more info), instead you can use the following test account details:
Password: tweelimtest

A JV proposal and WSO will also be put in the respective Warrior categories over the next 24-48 hours btw but right now, I'm looking for feedback on what's up and running.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions, ask away...
All the best,
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