What Are Your 2013 Marketing Goals?

by WillR
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I just returned recently from a few weeks in Hong Kong. I only checked my email a few times whilst away. When I finally returned home and opened up my email accounts, I was shocked at the amount of crap that had been peddled within the 10 days I was away... literally shocked.

I stay subscribed to these lists just for market research purposes and I usually delete my emails on a daily basis. But to see 10 days worth of email all at once and all the same people promoting the same products one after another, it made me feel quite sick to be a part of it all.

I very rarely promote other products just because I am of the opinion that constantly promoting products to your list does NOT help them get closer to their desired outcome. We all know that as marketers yet plenty choose to keep on promoting every new tool and product that hits the market.

But that's their own choice to make.

I for one would like to see our market as a whole turn over a fresh new leaf in the new year. Right now it's getting crazy. It almost feels like we are building up to some big explosion. I don't know how much longer this can truly keep going on. All you need to do is take a look at some of the launch calendars and you will literally see 3-4 new products planning to launch every single day right up to the end of this year... and even into the new year. At the beginning of this year you would be lucky to see 1 maybe two new products every few days.

Where is this all heading? When will this stop? Can this industry continue to keep on going down the path it currently is? The gap between the number of vendors and the number of customers in this industry seems to be getting smaller and smaller every single day.

I for one plan to make a lot of changes in the new year. I think the industry is now at a point where if you don't treat people like numbers on a spreadsheet, you really have a great opportunity to rise above and stick out from all the others doing the same old thing over and over.

So what are your marketing goals for 2013?

What changes do you plan to make?
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  • I would love to do more WSos, do JVs, make a change in the Warrior Forum, and actually start helping people. I know that the money is in the list, but I agree with you 100% WillR. When will the big time gurus stop mailing out to their customers just to consistently get more affiliate sales. I just hope that the IM world does change in a way where marketers actually help rather than TRY TO ONLY MAKE MONEY!

    Great Job WillR for your wonderful post!
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    Didn`t plan for 2013 but kept a goal till Dec 2012 need to complete few tasks. May be after that will plan for 2013 in Dec month of 12.
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    Marketing goals for 2013. Continue to learn and continue to earn. Flexibility is a big focus for me as the Internet landscape seems to be altering and morphing so rapidly. I often change direction with my marketing strategies to keep up with latest developments and shifts in consumer trends. 2013 seems a long way off from this point - so many new ideas, products, selling methods and online launches will no doubt occur before the year is out.
    Ask me again in December.
    "The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." - Mark Russell
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    Will, I feel you.. I was away on holiday in Europe for 2 weeks and by the time I got home I had over 1000+ emails. And sadly enough most of them are promoting products one after another. Now, every time I see an affiliate offer, I'll unsubscribe to their list.

    This is my goal for 2013 (nothing much related to IM):

    Physical: Do at least 24 pullups.. Looks fit and have a sexy 6 pack abs.

    Financial: I'm can't possibly list out all, it will take forever. To cut the long story short.. to generate a 6 figures/year passive income. I'm happy that I'm half way there now.

    Emotional: Read at least 20 minutes a day (self-help books, not harry potter).. no matter how bad my day is.

    Spiritual: Rely more on Him and less of myself. (Don't wanna go into much details)
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    My marketing goal for 2013 is to actually have significant success.

    To have this success I am going to learn about try different strategies that I have never tried before...

    Please! Wish me luck.
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    Man time passes fast, I remember just yesterday when I was posting my goals for 2012 here lmao. Seriously it feels like just last week.
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    Drink more, and work more......

    The two do not obviously go hand in hand....

    ha ha.

    And the wife will not be fond of the more drinking.

    But I got the following advice from Willie Crawford.

    "Write drunk!....EDIT SOBER!!!"

    Gunna try that. LOL
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    Try to shoot for 5 figures a month.
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    launch a huge product that will grow to the likes of getresponse (for size in other market segment) and a bunch of smaller product to slowly up my income to and past 5 figures a month
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    Doing more in IM and competing effectively in my niches, and getting new websites (EMDs). I will strive to b an authority in my niches, look out for new opportunities, and always improve in what I offer online.
    Stay Healthy all your Life, and Avoid Lifesty Diseases Later in Life. Enjoy life to the fullest.
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    Our marketing goals for 2013 is to have a big community in our web design community, set a good business plan, have a better work process and help people build their website's, wso's, sales pages, etc cost effectively and well establish.
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    It would always be about business growth in all aspects. By the way, here are few marketing tips that might help everybody about doing business next year: Planning Your 2013 Marketing Strategy Everything classic is making a comeback in 2013. It would probably be best to keep classic concepts in mind while we prep.
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    Our main marketing goals for 2013: deeper social media integration, mobile marketing (QR codes, SMS marketing, coupons), mobile payments. Here are some trends you can keep in mind in 2013 10 Brand Marketing Trends that Should Dominate 2013 - Forbes
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      Create/lauch my own product. Possibly get back into drop-shipping as well.
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    Agree with the OP, but its not just the guru's who send this junk! everybody is being taught "the money is in the list" and the wso section is full of how to build a list.

    This has resulted in millions of newbies owning a list and promoting as much as they can, any new wso that gets released has hundreds of newbie affiliates promoting it, even though half the time they don't even know what the product is.

    The OP has it spot on, and it is a question how long this industry can sustain in this state. I have spent the last few months researching worthwhile lists to be on, a top ten if you like of lists that provide value. This data was collected by speaking to many experienced marketers including some from here on the forum. I've only considered those who's name came up several times, joined their list and been recieving emails from. Anyone over promoting or offering little value has been bumped and left me with the really good ones.

    Its taken months, but will be releasing the info and list of top people to subscribe to, as a cheap wso, probably two dollars or something, but want to sell to newbies or strugglers, with the aim of them un-subscribing from the rubbish, and subscribing to people that can actually make a difference. The product is finnished, I just need reviewers once i've sorted out warrior plus bit!! PM if interested.

    .....basically thats the first thing i'm doing in 2013 to try and make a difference to answer the OP's question, and hopefully address some of his concerns too!

    Cheers peeps
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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      My goal is to leave my full time job working for someone else and only spend time working for myself!
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    To make $1 million in 2013.

    Whether you are a Reader, an Author or a Website Owner, we have something for you!

    Books that Inspire
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    I have to agree with Will here...

    I have an email account I exclusively use for research purposes and it paints a pretty sad state of affairs when it comes to the internet marketing niche.

    Someone somewhere made the statement that the money is in the list and a bunch of people took it to mean pummel your list with offers and they will pay.

    I think in 2013 people will need to be selective on which offers (If any) they promote to their list.

    Personally I'm diversifying where my traffic is coming from and I am focusing on building solid platforms of engagement where I can truly provide value. Yes I am building a list, but I am focusing on moving them along in their business rather than pummeling them with offers.

    So here is my #1 goal this year....

    To make 100 people successful this year.

    Kind regards,

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    This op and thread has me very puzzled.

    On one hand there is criticism for those who continue to grow their businesses and on the other hand we are talking about how to grow our own businesses.

    Anyway, I am going to do at least one thing positive toward growing my business each and every day of 2013. 365 forward moves can't hurt.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    Shooting for 5 figures a month, after that everything will fall in place.
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    I had a record year in 2012 without any formal goal and I spent more time goofing off than ever. My goal is to have a repeat performance lol.
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