Hello My Fellow Warriors!! Here's My Story (S.O.S)

by KrispyKay 8 replies
Hi, I just joined W.F and wanted wanted to say hello. I got into IM back in April 2006, bought a couple of Adwords ebooks, and lost some dollars along the road using Adwords (as all newbies do). Well... actually I didn't lose that much, maybe about 20 bucks, but a loss is a loss.

Within 4 months of IM I made my 1st sale using adwords, which I dont know how I made the sale because even tho I had bought some ebooks that showed me adwords, I didnt know what the heck I was doing. I spent about 61 bucks to make back 41 which is a loss, and get this it was in an IM niche. I walked away from IM, but continued to study and re-read the ebooks I bought, while working a 9-5.

Fast Forward to 2008, and now im back!! But more focused, passionate, and driven to succeed in the world of Internet Martketing. I think once I realized that I made a sale in the IM niche, not knowing what the heck I was doing was a small fire that lit me and burned inside. I said to my self if I was to really dedicate myself to this, through good and bad, I can make some serious money.

I got fired from my job about a month ago which was a hidden blessing, for 1 I hated my job ALOT! And 2 it allowed me to turn my attention back where it needed to be which is IM. There is no such thing as overnight getting rich online (as I tought it was back in 06 when I started) it takes alot to be successful in this business, and I had to go though a couple of falls to realize that.

I wouldn't call myself a newbie, because I know a little more than the average newbie, but I want to start completely over, and dominate IM the right way. Which means set goals,dedication, ask for help when I need it, and go about things a little different this time around Sorry for the long post but I wanted everyone to get to know a little about me, because u guys and girls r like my family now, like it or not!!! LOL!!!

I am uneployed right now and dont have n e money right now which brings me to my 1st goal: Use Bum Marketing to launch me into PPC. I am looking for anybody who has earned good money from bum marketing, to take me under their wing and be my mentor so that I can start bum marketing. Giving me different tasks everyday of what they want me to do, and basically show me the same things they have done to earn money using bum marketing. Whoever feels they have the time and good heart to do so, I will greatly appreciate it, just drop me a pm, and who knows maybe we can become great friends.

Thanks Warriors!!!

P.S. I am looking to earn anyhwere from 800 bucks and up using bum marketing, so if u think u can help me do so, and would't mind putting the time and effort into mentoring me then PLEASE drop me a PM. Thanks again.
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    Welcome back to the forum. You are really coming with a good attitude. The only concern I would have is the no employment right now.

    One of the worst things you can do in business is to start the business out of desperation or in desperation.

    Now, there is a ton of information on this forum about article marketing. My first suggestion would be to go to the old forum. and snoop around there.

    The Warrior Forum

    Also, do a search here for bum marketing and I would bet you'll find a ton of results.

    I am actually not a bum marketer so I would not be of much help, but I'm sure you'll find everything you need here on the forum.

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      You have a good attitude!

      There are many threads about bum marketing. Go read them up and make your own notes.

      Know who the contributors of the posts are and find out what are their strategies.

      Integrate them and personalise them into your own.

      If you want to an apprentice to a mentor, spend time to understand the mentor first. =)

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        Hi Kris,

        Look for posts in the archives by Dean Shainen and read up. He specializes in bum marketing and gives a lot of great information and tips in his posts.

        Also, Travis Sago has a site with free information (you have to opt-in, I think). Just google "bum marketing method" and you'll get complete instructions on how to get started as a "bum".

        Cheers, and good luck!



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          Welcome to the forum kris.

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            Hi Kris,

            PPC is a totally different beast. There are markets where I would spend $30 and make a $1000 and there are ones where I spend $500 and still at break even. However bum marketing is a better alternative when you don't have enough cash and know how of PPC.

            1) Pick a product with good gravity on clickbank
            2) Do keyword research and find low competition keywords
            3) Start writing 3-5 articles per day and submit to Ezine articles
            4) In a months time you will most likely hit your $800

            Bum marketing by Travis is good place to start learning. You can also search posts by Jeremy kelsall, steven wagenheim in this forum.

            wish you good luck
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      Hey Shannon Thanks for posting a comment, im not starting out in desperation this is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, my only problem was that I got lazy, and tought I was supposed to see overnight results. I want to put all my time and effort into becoming a successful IMarketer. I really do appreciate the helpful insight though Thanks
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    Thanks for all the posts, the reason I wanted a 1 on 1 mentor was to look at my work as I went along and give me tips and pointers
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