Are you using Paid Traffic to build your list?

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Are you send pay traffic to build your list?
Is it worth it?

How much money you spend on Paid Traffic?

Thank you Warriors!
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    you can do that , e.g Solo ads

    it is really fast but you need to test the conversion of your squeeze page .
    you can try with the safe lists.

    how much you can spend , depends on your budget!!

    it is really worth it , but keep in mind that , not all the solo ads will work , it is a business after all.

    but the main thing is concentrating on building your list.

    I hop that helps.

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    i've tried a hand full of solo-ads, the guaranteed click kind, and while i did get a decent conversion rate for my free offer, not many sales resulted.
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    I use paid traffic in combination with free traffic and it works well

    The costs vary, it mainly depends on what your ROI is and then you can scale up accordingly

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    I have only just started out buying traffic to build lists and i am very skeptical in nature of this. my tests have all had good conversions and i believe most of the traffic i have bought to be good. there has been at least 2 times when i have bought traffic and got sign ups but i am not convinced the sign ups were real.

    Buying traffic to build your list is a good thing and does work just test everything you can.


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    paid traffic can be flat monthly rate, can be pay per click, ppv, it depends on the media you use. It all comes back to your conversion and offer.
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    Definitely a good idea in my book.

    Start slow; make sure you're earning a return before you turn up the "faucet".
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    Originally Posted by SeanSmith9 View Post

    Are you send pay traffic to build your list?
    Is it worth it?

    How much money you spend on Paid Traffic?

    Thank you Warriors!
    Not enough. I'm a free marketing addict. But i'm currently in the process of getting quality traffic from low cost advertising sources. So far they're working well for me.
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    Hi Sean,

    I use both paid and free.

    Free Methods

    As you've just started list building, In the beginning, free methods do take time to set up and can be really good. Don't delude yourself in thinking that free advertising is free. You always pay with time. On a positive note, as your list starts growing you can start doing list swaps with people who have a similiar list size to yours. And that is really free

    Paid Methods

    I spend over a $1000 for list buiding.
    Hands down, paid methods is the fastest way to build a list. How much it may cost you, is down to a few things.

    -Where's the traffic coming from?
    -Your landing page layout? (if it converts)
    -Your offer (whether it's free or if they need to optin to view a video)

    The most important part of the process is your looking after your list when you have them. A small list can make more money that a big list, if you look after your people.

    If you want me at take a look at a landing page your using, I don't mind.

    Hope this helps

    Samuel Golding

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    Yet now am using free traffic source. Did paid traffic will helpful for me? Whether this type of traffics are advised by search engines?
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    The cost depends on the kind of traffic and yes it works especially when you combine with using free traffic too. Don't just put your hopes on paid traffic.
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      I use paid traffic for some things.

      It all depends on the ROI. You just have to test, that's the only way to know for sure. When you find a source that you can convert for a profit then you scale it up.
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  • I spend about $500 a month on PPC alone. I also run other paid media campaigns such as banner ads, cpv, etc. etc.

    Definitely faster and builds your list quick. You need to monitor this very closely though. I use multiple squeeze pages to use with different traffic sources.

    Don't fall for the myth of 'push-button traffic' because you really need to know what you're doing and monitor your cost per lead as well as conversion rates, not to mention your ad copy as well as your targeting.

    I mainly use Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo for PPC (with Facebook being the highest converting for me).

    They do build your list FAST but I still prefer the leads I get from content generated traffic, as they convert WAY higher.

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    I never used paid traffic to build my list.. As U sometimes end up getting a list of not targeted ppl submitting their mail address.. I distract all the traffic to my site..
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    There are some clever methods used by some to build a buyers list quickly by paying for quality traffic then offering a service or product to cover advertising costs and all the while building your list much faster at break even cost.
    Don't believe everything you think
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    Solo ads are my preferred traffic source, but I'm also branching out into free methods as well.
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  • Mostly paid just because I see results quicker and the free methods many of them I find boring to do so I would plan to outsource these.
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    Originally Posted by SeanSmith9 View Post

    Are you send pay traffic to build your list?
    Is it worth it?

    How much money you spend on Paid Traffic?

    Thank you Warriors!
    Im pretty new, i used ppc Google and BreezeAds, GOT NO RESULTS... i promoted DomComSecrets with breeze ads and got no sales with 500+ clicks.

    and im not trying to build traffic using social media, but i keep getting banned by facebook for spamming too much... and i posted that much still no clicks nor optins...
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    Everyone talks about free methods..... But what are some of these free methods?! Enlighten us.
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    I find that paid traffic is awesome. No matter what you are doing... If you kno0w what you are doing the traffic is always targeted to your needs. There are so many awesome options out there. The downfall is that stings a little more when you fail with it. For me that was a great motivator to test and make sure that the offer I use converts at optimal levels.

    I didn't have time for free traffic when I started out. I still don't now as I have more important things to do for my business then place links and all the other fun stuff that goes on with free stuff. Good Luck.
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    Solo ads are best way to do it.

    Its always advisable to start with low. Place your funnel properly so you can get some profit over spending. Reinvest the money in another solo ad.

    -Kishor Mhaskar
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    I did and spent thousands. It wasn't worth it, but I'm not a very seasoned email marketer. I used Bing AdCenter, solos and banner ads.

    My funnel wasn't great. That said, I've since beefed up my blog in the niche and the several thousand subscribers I gained visit my blog as I add new posts so I have a good source of immediate traffic.

    I now prefer subscribers from my blog arriving there via free traffic sources instead of PPC to squeeze page. I have fewer subs each day, but they are more responsive.
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    I've tried many different paid traffic platforms to build my list (by many I mean more than 10) and some worked and some didn't. Overall, it was a lot of work to optimize the campaigns and get your clicks as cheap as possible so I didn't stick it through.

    If you are beginner then I wouldn't suggest using paid traffic at first. You should start building your list for free then you can move into paid traffic after you are more experienced. Now, in my opinion I only think you should buy traffic (aside from media buys) if you have your own offer that you know you can either break-even with or make money while building your customer list.
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    PPC... fast effective and targeted. Plus you quickly see if you are wasting your time or not with a certain niche or certain keywords. If the list is responsive, you've got yourself a winner, and it's time to send all the traffic you can at your opt-ins
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    I use mostly paid traffic.
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    Try using Facebook traffic to promote your website. FB has a very comprehensive advertising platform and the traffic is very responsive.

    You just have to be careful what you advertise there. They don't like squeeze pages with a single optin form but you can make it a few page survey to get around this.

    Whatever you decide to do keep at it until you have a completely understanding of how the system works, then draw your conclusion whether it was worth it or not.

    Just takes money!
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    Is mobile advertising networks good for List Building?

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