Making Money as an Amazon Affiliate

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What WP plugins do you use to help you gain success? What is your policy for promoting products?

basically what is the best/most effective way to earn money through amazon affiliates?
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    I personally don't use any plugins to help me with Amazon but I use lots of other plugins. I prefer to hand write high quality reviews rather than scrape anything from Amazon.

    I promote anything that sells - not overly fussed about price because the cheaper items often sell in high volumes, which bumps me up the commission tiers. I want products that have decent reviews / ratings and that sell.
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      I was using a plugin amazon affiliate automation purchased from here.
      I made some sales of amazon affiliate sites for some warriors with customized
      WP themes. But after the google updates now any amazon affiliate site will make
      you money if you have a 700 words self written product review article in the website.

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    I agree with jason, build high quality content and direct them to different amazon offers.

    But one plugin I used was shiba plugin, it allows you to create different widgets for each post. Ideal if you are targeting different products with each post.
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    research good product and write high quality reviews the best way for amazon affiliate
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    I actually do not use robots, I prefer to write articles myself or hire somebody to do it, you can find really nice amazon writers on Fiverr.
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    what about traffic? how do we send traffic to our sites?

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      Originally Posted by gabygonzales View Post

      what about traffic? how do we send traffic to our sites?
      Here are a few traffic sources you should look at:
      1. Pinterest
      2. YouTube
      3. Twitter
      4. Facebook
      5. SEO
      6. Forums
      7. Yahoo Answers
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        Originally Posted by gabygonzales View Post

        what about traffic? how do we send traffic to our sites?
        Consider also other traffic generation sources used by many successful Amazon affiliates such as article syndication in online/offline publications, email promotions to niche lists, direct mail, press releases, display advertising in offline magazines, classified newspaper ads, radio advertising, telemarketing, and even direct sales.
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    If you're using a WP site, then just do reviews of products and give pros and cons and links to your product w/affiliate link. The more legit content you have the better traffic you will get.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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    I don't use any plugins to help profit from Amazon, there's no need. Simple plugins such as SEO Ultimate to help optimize pages is all I use.

    The best way to be sucessful is to build niche product authority sites full of unique, quality content and in depth product reviews. Optimize your site pages to rank in Google for generic buyer keywords and specific product names.

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    I use direct product links that amazon supply. I was using some widgets until I realized they were taking too long to load and not even appearing on some devices such as an iPhone.
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