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I think everyone is familiar with Craigslist. It is a good source of traffic if you know who to go to for posting services. Speaking of which- I have a few options but am not thrilled with them so if you are in the business of posting Craigslist ads I may be interested. I digress.

I have heard people I respect talk about posting to Paid Classifieds sites and doing quite well doing it. The reasoning is that people don't tend to trust free sites very much, although Craigslist is decent. However, Craigslist accounts for about 90% of free online classifieds traffic, leaving only 10% for the rest of the sites to fight over.

What, and where, are the Paid Classifieds? :confused:
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    There is a paid classified section right here on the Warrior Forum.

    I have used it several times and have gotten good results...

    Hope this helps,
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    But isnt that restricted to one section only (IM?)

    I'm talking about extensive options.

    What are the highest generic paid sources of traffic?
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    Bump...maybe something like a paid listing in an online marketplace...
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    check You can be putting premium ads there and ad will be on top for whole month.
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    Here is this classified site Adsnity where you can post unlimited premium ads for 120 days in just $1 and for $2/365 days. You can also post featured ads as well. I used their membership and can say that their service is really good. You can insert upto 3 images and it's HTMl enabled

    epage is also a good site that allows you to post 1 ad for $1 for 1 week. There is world famous site where you can post a featured ad as well, though OLX is a completely free classified site
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    Nature of this business is that the paid classifieds don't get as much traffic as the free ones. If I do a listing, I want to ensure more and more people would get to see it. So, going for a free classifieds and featuring the ad might be the path one should choose.
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    I like free classified sites that offer a paid option that puts your ads on top of the free ads. When my ad is on top all the time I get loads of traffic.
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    I use to promote some of my stuff.

    I have a software which does it for me automatically.
    The software places up to 1000 free ads on BackPage
    and I having great results with it.

    PM me if you want the software.
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      Some people think that if they pay good money for something, they get more and better in return. But that may not always be the case, especially when considering the many wonderful things available for free online. There are some free sites that offer high quality classifieds advertising - the hard part is to find them.
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    Is it illegal to talk about unethical forms? Using software to post on craigslist?
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    I have tried,it is useless..
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    Anytime you have to pay for traffic, it always beats free marketing. But you always have to track everything to see which one are the winners and which ones are not.
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      Originally Posted by talfighel View Post

      Anytime you have to pay for traffic, it always beats free marketing. But you always have to track everything to see which one are the winners and which ones are not.
      Very true.

      For paid classified ads, you might want to check out :

      Nationwide Newspapers Advertising

      Also, you could hire a V.A. to place ads for you on these
      free classified ad sites listed here :

      Which would be a "paid" way of placing classified ads...

      There are some good threads on this topic in this section of the
      WF : Offline Marketing
      Free 40-page eBook "How To Earn With CPA Offers"
      + 14 Free Traffic Training Videos -
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    Here's 2 that you can do paid classifieds with:,
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  • I have had some success in the past with USFreeads. My ads would quickly get ranked in Google as well. I haven't used it a few years, so I'm not sure if it still works as well.

    Craigslist Posting Expert! Best Value and Service on the Web!

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    Have you looked at print classifieds? I tried this in some local newspapers and found that it delivered traffic but not traffic that converted. Could be down to my copy of course - anyone else had experience of print classifieds?
    FREE TOOLS AND DOWNLOADS for Low Content and KDP Publishers
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    I heard paid classifieds are not worth it but you can try it if you want.
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    Why not think classified in local newspapers? Offline marketing or whatever you want to call it, but if it's paid then I believe looking into "real" newspapers would be worth the effort. A lot allow you to advertise nationally, so you aren't limiting yourself just to the city you live in.
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    I would highly recommend trying your hand at print classified ads if your are looking for a paid option. I start off with classified ad papers first to test your ads. Daily papers can be really expensive.

    Once you have a winning ad, test it out in a couple of daily papers as well as expand the number of classified ad papers you are running the ad in.
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    I use to advertise in a local community newspaper. These were many paid ads each approx $200 per week and they would bring in a boatload of traffic to my site as well as boosting my exposure. Well, the newspaper decided one day to make all my ads not click able any more. Basically, people had to cut and paste my links so my traffic dried up.

    I called the newspaper up. They told me - Google says no more links so we had to get rid of em. Ah, we are sorry. I talked to the owner.

    "I put lots of ads in your paper. Google zero!"
    "Well, Google says no more."
    "When the bank calls you up... and you have no money. Tell them to call Google up."

    Needless to say... he went bankrupt and the paper is gone. Like they say... a fool and his money.
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    You can test your search term in google and see what sites come up in the search engines. For instance, when I did books for sale, page 2 had craigslist. I also typed in accountants in Denver and thumbtack came up (which is a directory to list services). Many people use google to find the items and services and don't just head to a classified site first.

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    In the UK craigslist is hardly used. Traffic is very insignificant compared to other free ads sites. Craigslist UK is full of scams and prostitutes.
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    why do you want to pay for classified ads? When the free option even work better. From my own point of view, you should go for free classified with better keyword because it actually woks
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