Best way to earn money with amazon?

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Hey people,

Please let me know the best way to earn money with amazon. Is it..
article writing?
Forum posting?

If it's article and forum then please tell me the steps in detail to understand and start in a good way. I am in need of urgent money. Please let me know the genuine way and fast way to earn good income. At least 10$ a week???
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    There are so many topics about making money on Amazon, you should search a bit on the forum and you will find so many helpful posts about it.
    Main income comes from kindle books as I can see. I would like to help you about it but I am newbie like you and I am preparing my first ebook.
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      There are such a variety of subjects concerning accumulating cash on Amazon, you might as well quest a touch on the gathering and you will identify such a large number of supportive presents about it.
      Prevailing earnings hails from arouse books as I can see. I could love to help you about it but I am novice like you and I am getting ready my first ebook.
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    For $10 a week there are a lot of easy things to do, believe it.
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    Hey there!

    I was actually looking up the same exact question a while back and it was then that I came across and interesting site which I had heard of before and even had account with but just totally ignored it! (Wish I had not though LOL)

    Anyways the site is Squidoo, If you have not heard of them definitely check them out. They are made to help you make a killing with Amazon. I recently started making lens (similar to pages on a site) and literally have fallen in love with the concept and not to mention the opportunity to make money on Amazon.

    The holiday season is just around the corner and I definitely suggest you do some digging and start taking action. Big time traffic is on its way and you will be smart to position yourself in front of it.

    Best of luck!

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    If you have the time to write or can afford to outsource a book...

    Kindle is incredible...
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  • yeah having an ebook and sell it to amazon is a great way to earn money from amazon.. u must be a writer for that.. you can also create an affiliate website to sell products from amazon.. like this.. this has a lot of beauty and hair products from amazon.. Online Beauty Products
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  • in addition, we know that people all over the world, wherever you are in the part of this world, love social media... so you can market your amazon products to social media like FB, Twitter, YT, Linkedin, pinterest, etc.. this is a great way to find targeted people that are looking for your products.. but it needs a lot of effort..
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    You should get a website, post a few reviews a day making it into a Authority site.

    With a authority site, you can easily rank on Google for hard keywords and all of your reviews will earn you some commission once they rank.
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    You didn't say where you are from, but if it's the US (or if any other newbies reading this are) you should think twice about Amazon for now.

    The internet tax situation that is killing affiliate accounts state by state is of huge concern. You could put an incredible amount of work into this with the intent of residual income and then have the rug pulled out from under you. There are alternative affiliate programs that you could swap the links out for, but it may not be the same.
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      I have experience with Kindle and am loving it. But I know there are many ways to earn with Amazon. Another really popular method is their FBA program. If you go to their website and type that in the search bar, you'll see tons of info about it. Haven't personally done it, but have heard a lot of positive feedback.
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        Selling physical products on Amazon can be among the fastest ways to make real money online.

        And using Amazon's FBA program has several great advantages, too - the main one being that YOU don't have to do the shipping, Amazon does it for you!

        I make several $1000s a month (passive income) on Udemy and here's how YOU can, too...

        Get your FREE UDEMY MINI-COURSE here:

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    I would recommend checking out squidoo. I have had a lot of success selling amazon products with Squidoo. They have some great amazon modules and is very friendly with Google.
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    Not sure why this post has suddenly been resurrected but I use websites, Squidoo and YouTube to make my Amazon Commissions.
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    As mentioned above the search function on this forum is Amazing and you will have an absolute ton of information on how to be successful with Amazon.

    Squidoo is fine but dont put all your efforts there put them into building your own asset via an authority site and then use squidoo as a additional traffic and sales avenue.

    Youtube is also excellent as a way to drive traffic as well

    Amazon is not instant riches but if you focus on it and build a quality site adding original quality content and really building a useful and informative site then you will over time start ranking for products very easily and have a true asset in your Authority site that you could sell for a considerable sum.

    good luck

    Kickin it on Amazon

    Gaz Cooper
    Amz Training Academy
    Beginners get Started with AMAZON, we will give you a FREE custom made Amazon Site when you purchase hosting through us contact us at

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    SEO at Google is best way to market Amazon's produts. Little traffic but high conversion rate.
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    I found that the best way is to create a review site and able to rank the buying keyword on the 1st page of Google.
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    My best method of earning commission through Amazon is by uploading unboxing and review videos on YouTube, of which then contain links to their specific Amazon pages in the video description.

    *** Save $200+ on WordPress web hosting ***
    Contact me here for more information.

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      Originally Posted by daviddifranco View Post

      My best method of earning commission through Amazon is by uploading unboxing and review videos on YouTube, of which then contain links to their specific Amazon pages in the video description.
      I think you are not allowed to put direct amazon links in youtube, should be to your site and then to amazon
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    The best way is to have a review blog for high ticket items over $200

    Get traffic to your review blog with YouTube review videos (lots of people on Fiverr dot com will do review videos and even upload the videos to YouTube for you).

    Also, get traffic with Squidoo (people on Fiverr will create Squidoo pages with original articles) linked to your blog.

    There are even gigs on Fiverr to create Amazon review blogs for you (with auto-posting as an option).

    Good luck.
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    Build a channel where you review high ticket products.


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    Best way is selling your own product, or product under your brand.
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