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Hi, I have started a new blog and have been reading all about backlinks but there are still questions that I'm not too sure about. I don't want to keep paying for someone to add backlinks and would like to become self reliant.

1) How many backlinks is recommended to add a day as I don't want to get penalized obviously, and how often should I increase the amount?.

2) I have added a few backlinks using anchor text links, but have heard about dofollow and nofollow links, my question is do I need to use the dofollow and nofollow links? and why is nofollow links important as they are not even recognized by google?

3) When would it be a safe time for me to start using SEO software that builds automatic links as this would be much easier than doing them manually?

4) What is the best kind of sites e.g social bookmarking, blogs, edu etc, and do they strictly have to be relevant to my niche.

Thanks for reading my post and I look forward to your replies.

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    Hi Danny,

    Here's some answers for you

    1) Build as many as you want - just be consistent! I tend to take a more gradual approach so it doesn't raise any red flags to the search engines. Just be sensible. Don't build 5000 links today and then no links for a week. If you are regularly building the same amount of links you should be ok.

    2) Don't worry about dofollow / nofollow links - you want a mixture of the two and both seem to help. Nofollow seem to be recognized as links even if it doesn't pass on page rank.

    3) You can use SEO software at any time so long as you use it sensibly - don't go crazy building links because it raises big red flags.

    4) You want quality links, ideally from relevant sites as they have more weighting I believe. Mix it up and go for link diversity!

    Hope that helps you !

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