StatCounter is kicking goals - Yeah Baby!!!

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If you want to track visitor activity to your websites but don't want to pay out dollars for a tracking tool then StatCounter is probably your best free option. Easy to install and user friendly, this can be an invaluable tool!

You can keep an eye on plenty of variables, from an overall visitor summary with clear stats and bar graphs as well as lots of other traffic measurements - hourly, popular pages, entry pages, exit pages, came from, keyword analysis, recent keyword activity, recent came from, search engine wars, exit links, exit link activity, downloads, download activity, visitor paths, visit length, returning visits, recent pageload activity, recent visitor activity, recent visitor map, country/state/city/ISP, browsers, system stats, lookup IP address, download logs.

Page loads, unique visits, first time visits and returning visits are all clearly shown. SC Rocks!!
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