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Ok I have a ridiculous amount of Information wrote in what could be I would assume (bad word I Know) Great Articles.These are in the Leadership niche, which falls under the business management niche. So, I am looking to promote a leadership type product the only problem is I am having trouble finding an e-book that makes sense to me to promote. I find it rather hard or just maybe I am not giving enough credit somewhere to promote a heavily priced leadership coaching program with article type stuff. I could I guess create an e-book with the information I have but I am just not good at that sort of thing nor do I knwo where to look or start. I know that it sounds easy on the outside but it is not the case for me the people over at elance have given some radical bids on this I am assuming because of the lack of good products already out there they are useing the good old supply and demand as in the demand is there and there is not enough supply so they charge higher. Maybe I got some things wrong, but I am just saying it how it seems.
I am very nervous to do this myself I guess for fear of ruining something that I feel has great possibilties. Any suggestions?
Should I write these out in articles and promote what I can find or should I write them out in an ebook form myself, have a few people see what they think of it, and then sell it myself.
I realize that some of this can only be answered if you see the content, but I am asking for a general thought here.
If I do this myself it will be in a IM form such as this:
Qualities of Leadership
"The Busy 7"
1.Leadership is very fundamental there is no business or organization that can survive or function without the advice and or counsel of the person(s) that play the Leadership role.This is very important if you are maintaining a list. You are playing the leadership role, they have joined Your List and expect you to lead them to wherever it may be that you have told them they will go. (tracking is key here. as in, where did the people that are on your list come from)etc...

2. ----

there are 7 of these totaling 2267 words and it is only on article or page of about 25 or so.

Let me know what you think.
Mike G
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    If there is nothing to promote in your chosen niche then
    you can either promote related products or develop your

    Developing a report/ebook is not that complex. You begin
    with your table of contents. For the leadership niche it
    would go something like this:

    Assessing your strengths
    Time management
    Delegation of duties
    Overcoming the fear of failure
    Developing a winning attitude

    Normally when I'm writing, additional thoughts come to me
    so I have a constant stream of stuff to write about. If you
    get into the zone you should be able to do this also.
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      My 2 cents:

      I am thinking it could revolve around Leadership qualities required for managing your team.

      I myself have this challenge of managing my team when we are working towards bigger ticket item.

      Why not add on with some mp3 interviews of gurus how they manage their elancers, VA, affiliate managers and even JV partners?

      It could be made into a home course coaching programme.

      Your articles (or report) can be the frontend product to collect optin.

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        Hi, its great that you are good at articles!
        But what to use them for?????

        I know! and I have PM'd you with info!
        Good Luck
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