Transfer content without the wordpress theme or should I just start from scratch!

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Hi everyone, I just have a quick question for you guys which is probably really simple but I can't work out how to do it. (The clocks went back an hour in the UK last night and my body clock is out of sync lol).

I am in negotiations with a domain seller over a premium domain name primarily although I am also interested in the many pages of already indexed content which is a bonus for me to be honest.

I asked the vendor if he would accept to transfer the site but he replied "we can not transfer the site because we paid for it separately. Yet it's a simple Wordpress theme with nothing much in it. If you want you can copy-paste all the articles/content from it if you want to keep any - we will not use the content but we want to keep the theme itself."

So my question is how can I transfer all the content so it keeps the indexing in Google and the PR of the domain intact, backlinks etc. whilst leaving the wordpress theme where it is?

EDIT: I am thinking now a second part to the question which is would you guys recommend me to just ditch the content and start again as it's not amazing but is readable? The domain in question is a premium car insurance domain with a .us extension (which is perfect for what I want to target). Would it make more sense to just start out building it up from scratch and if so are there any other factors to think of I haven't considered?

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    I buy profitable websites from time to time and even shot a video tutorials serious on it. However - a few things:

    - The entire site must transfer (easily done - your host can tell you how) for you to retain backlinks although content is another matter.

    - I strongly surrendering the content (original form) for copy & paste for the following reasons:
    a. Content is aged
    b. Content probably already has readers
    c. Content (you said) must already have backlinks
    d. Content is probably organically ranked

    If you copy and paste, all above are lost and you start over. Buying domains is also about buying the traffic which comes with them!

    - Make sure the content is original to begin with by checking each article @ Just because an article gets traffic, doesn't mean it is original.

    I don't know what host you use however, if this content already has high SERPS and established traffic, it may be worth paying another $80+ per year for a new host. If you were my client - I would tell you to get a new host before the transfer of the premium domain and tell the other to 'go take a leap'. I'll help with the transfer if you'd like - no cost.

    B.D. Dale
    Online Marketing Instructor

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    You can ask them to hand over the wordpress database and files (without the theme) and you can import it to your own hosting.

    Second alternative is to ask them to export the wordpress xml files, this way you will get the posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.

    Hope this helps
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    Copying and pasting the articles would create duplicated content (identical content on two different websites), which would not be good for your SEO.

    If they're prepared to transfer the site but not the theme why not ask them to activate the WordPress default theme (TwentyEleven) and remove the theme they want to keep (download it to their computer). Then they can transfer the site, lock, stock and barrel, and you can activate whatever theme you like.


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    If they want to just give you the content, they could go to Export > Wordpress in the Tools section of the dashboard and export the content and give you that file.

    Alternatively, they could just delete the theme they want to keep and then transfer the whole site to you and you just use another theme. In order to transfer the whole site, they would need to export the database and also transfer the site files.
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