Competitive Intelligence?!... What are you leaving on the table?

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Here's a good one for you...

Imagine a company that sells products ranging in price up to $5Million and yes, they sell a healthy number of those products.

Now imagine that same company not actively communicating with their prospects, customers, and even sales force to find out what works and what doesn't in their products and and marketing processes.

Now let's take things a step even further and imagine that they can't tell you what percentage of their qualified leads end up buying from a competitor.

How about which of their sales people convert supplied leads and at what percentage. Shoot, how quickly do their sales people act on leads and how does that compare to their competitors.

Let's go even further... imagine if they can't show you examples of exactly what their competitors are doing for marketing... or how about who is selling for their competitors or even what it is that makes sales people push their competitor's product harder than theirs...

Let's not even get into Internal Intelligence such as truly knowing one's own product and corporate strengths and weaknesses or even having a true, current grasp on the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral backgrounds on your own customers!

What is truly scary is that this happens and is not unusual for many big bureaucratic companies.

Even worse, this information is all available if they knew how to and wanted to get it.

Now, ask yourself what you know about your own business be it just starting out, small, or even quite successful.

What is your true Internet presence and how does it compare to your competition?

Who are ALL of your competitors?

What are their strengths and weaknesses and then next by comparison, what are your own? Could you find hidden opportunities in that knowledge?

I am sure there are a healthy number of members of this forum who could share what their ROI is on their marketing and their product development. They also probably know what their conversion rates are, visitor values etc.

But do they truly know their competition inside and out and all of the wealth of marketing and business knowledge they could be using from them... to make even more money themselves?

Last question -- do you ever wonder how much your competition knows about you and how they are using that to their own advantage?

Do you feel the heat on your neck from that magnifying glass they are using?

What do you think my friends?

This seems to me to be a cache of serious cash being left on the table.

Do you invest any time and effort in Competitive Intelligence and if so how do YOU go about it?

How's that for a good vent/ramble/thought starter?

Onward and Upward!

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    I was just clearing off my desk and started going through some past issues of Yanik's "Underground Secret Society Dosier" materials and what should I find but a disc labeled - "Underground Covert Spy Tools & Underground Technology Resources".

    Ran into that just after making this post.

    Opened it up and added two more new pieces of software to use for CI as well as a few more sites to use for various aspects of tracking competitors' sites.

    I love this stuff.

    Now, this touches on one of the easy ways to monitor a competitor that I'll bet very few people do which is to watch and study changes and enhancements your competitors (or frankly anyone else) make to their sites.

    Here is a great tool you can use to do so:

    This is a free service in which you identify the pages you wish to monitor. As things change they send you an email with the details of that change.

    Free, easy and highly informative.

    There are more tools out there that do the same and more.

    What can you get from this?

    Here's a recommendation... keep an eye on the home page of the top blogs for your niche. Don't worry about their content changes, but rather focus on design elements (optin solicitation copy, optin for design, comment requests, placement of video on the site, placement and design of RSS feed subscription solicitation, etc.) and copy elements.

    Take advantage of other peoples' testing and research.

    There's another little thought provoker.

    Onward & Upward!

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      My friends,

      Here is another perspective from which you should look at this topic.

      The Social Web

      I had a great conversation with a friend (shortly releasing a new tech platform that will, IMHO, completely transform the social media landscape) today and one of the topics that came up was how completely out of touch most Internet business people are when it comes to their own as well as their competitors social presence on the web.

      It seems that many marketers are somewhat "in touch" with their SEO standing... relative to the web as a whole and maybe relative to their competitors. Frankly, knowing where you rank and all of the contributing factors that bring bring about where you stand relative to everyone else has been one of the touch points for good SEO.

      All fine and dandy.

      Now, what if that was just a part of the picture?

      What if the bigger picture became how you stand relative to all other competitors in terms of your position in the social web stratosphere?

      Stay with me for a moment here...

      Forget all of the SEO tactics on which most people focus (I do not mean don't use them... I do analysis and the current, standard work on SEO for clients every single day) and instead focus on making yourself or your brand the obvious expert/authorities across the entire web.

      When you do a search on your niche, topic, product etc... there is honestly no reason you should not be the top dog in the results.

      If you are not...

      And you want to build your business and make money...

      Then why the heck would you not take a microscopic-level look at the company that occupies the place in which you want to be?



      Man, I am starting to get a vibration rising up through me that says...

      Please tell them how to do CI...

      That is coming my friends.

      Now, that said...

      I think there is still time tonight for a glass of Wild Turkey and a good cigar.

      The last thing I have to say is:

      Onward & Upward!


      P. S. Oh, I must say I am sorry for one more thing, which is that I cannot yet tell you what the new social platform is... Are you a TRUE Athority?

      My friends, this stuff is Downright F'ingtastic!

      and according to the NDA... that is all I am able to say.

      So, on that note,Smile... and have a Great Day!

      Onward & Upward!

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