Penguin Random house aimed at Kindle market?

by HeySal
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Um...........I like Kindle - but Penguin Random House Digital? That might be something truly awesome we need to keep an eye on.

Battling Amazon: Pearson And Bertelsmann To Form Global Consumer Publishing Giant, Penguin Random House, To Build "New Digital Publishing Models" | TechCrunch
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    Amazon, Apple, and the Internet in general have opened the publishing market for small publishing houses, and for self-published authors.

    It sounds as if Pearon and Bartlesmann are playing a game of "catch-up" by forming a JV to sell digital editions of the books by authors already under contract to them.

    Traditional publishers didn't see digital publishing coming. Or more accurately, they ignored digital publishing, thinking it was a passing fad. Ooops!

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    It's D.O.A. Amazon not only has a first mover advantage, it is a huge advantage. It also is not within the publisher's expertise.

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      Originally Posted by kindsvater View Post

      It's D.O.A. Amazon not only has a first mover advantage, it is a huge advantage. It also is not within the publisher's expertise.

      That's true - Amazon has one huge jump start. As far as online expertise - these are not small chump change Mom's and Pops, and they can afford to staff people that have the know-how.

      While Amazon might still be king of the hill right now, don't forget there are other online publishers, too. Lulu, B & N, aren't doing too badly even though they don't have the lead on the market that Amazon has.

      I'm thinking they have a good chance to get in there and gain ground if they do it right. Authors are not tied to Amazon exclusivity unless they choose to be, and many put their work out through multiple channels (one of the reason that Amazon tries to get authors into exclusivity programs). Requiring exclusivity might just work against them with publishing giants entering the field, so that equals play out.

      I wouldn't call Penguin Random House DOA just because it won't have the lead - if they are solid enough with good enough practices, policies, and marketing. I think they can stay well inside of the winners circle even if they can't "corner the market". I know I'll consider them as an outlet for my material.

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        Traditional publishers have no choice but to try something like this because a good many other big players in bookselling are trying to get top authors to cut digital book rights out of their contracts, and handle them on their own.

        Publishers can't afford to lose their authors' ebooks as they are a fast-growing share of sales.

        Marcia Yudkin

        P.S. I was the first Penguin author to have a website, back in 1995. Really!
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