Testimonials - how to use them?

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So I've been reading a lot of old sales books lately.
And, they've been talking a lot about testimonials.

My Question Is What to Include and Not Include in a Testimonial.

I know there have been some changes in the past recently and was just wondering what I could include and what would be a big "No-No"

Anyone have any good ideas?

Thanks in advance

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      Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

      Just to use an "at home" example, I have 3 ads running in the WFH section right now. Whenever I finish a gig for a customer, I always send them a conclusion email thanking them for their business and asking for feedback, and I send a link to the ad for the work they had done. On the older ads, which went up before I had much of a reputation here, I offered 10% discounts off of future work and then had a disclaimer at the bottom of the ad stating as much.

      Asking for feedback at the end of every order helps to keep you working at the highest levels since you get to see your business from multiple points of view. It also helps you to correct any problems that might drive a customer away - if they get an open invitation to complain, they will, and then you can fix whatever they're complaining about and make them happy.

      I've also taken some of that feedback and put it into a "feedback" page on my site so that people who find me through there can see what real clients have thought of my services.

      Does that help?

      -- j
      bad a$$ tip man! thank you so much.

      I love it when you find these gems here and there.
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    1. Make sure that any results that you use in a testimonial is VERIFIED and kept on file.

    2. Also, make sure that you note on your site that you have verified all testimonials.

    3. Make sure that you have an income disclaimer if your marketing a "make money" product.

    Hope That Helps.

    Jeff Mitchell

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    I think that as long as they're legit testimonials, you're good. If you can use real people and link back to their website in their testimonial, then it looks more legit.

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