How long can Amazon go without making money?

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Greetings Warriors,

I happen to come across this interesting article, How long can Amazon go without making money?- MSN Money

Personally, I think this is only a temporary slip.

Please share your thoughts on this.

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    I'm bettin' they'll be ok. What... it only took them 5 years to get profitable in the first place
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    It took them years to become profitable. They have expanded significantly in the last couple of years, opening loads of new distribution centers which has cost them a lot of cash. It'll take a year or two for that to be written off and for them to become profitable.

    They are doing better than other sites though - look at Twitters earnings!
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    They are growing at an amazing pace. Personally, I buy almost all my stuff exclusively from them. No more trips to Best Buy.

    This is what they are counting on. Killing off the competition to where they don't have to keep such razor thin margins.

    Nick Jolin
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      Did you ever stop to think that Amazon might not have "making money" as a goal right now?

      In my view, the company is doing a fantastic job of spreading its brand across the globe and growing it's business by putting others out of business. Said another way, they are increasing their market share at the expense of competing companies that haven't been successful at adapting to the world of digital information and mobile devices.

      They undersell just about everybody, deliver quickly, and offer more products than just about everyone on the planet. In the process, they are nurturing a generation of "addicts" that turn to Amazon as their only logical choice for most online buying.

      I would like to be in their position, wouldn't you?


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Of course, they still have Amazon Web Services, which according to most articles, is on top of its competitors.
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