What do you think about Blogger?

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Is it worth making blogs and content on Blogger? Does google rank sites well with it? I believe they own it afterall.
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    Originally Posted by ps2home View Post

    Is it worth making blogs and content on Blogger?
    It depends what you compare it with.

    It's worth doing it rather than doing nothing at all. Probably.

    It's not worth doing it rather than making blogs and content on a site you own and control yourself (even if you do that on free hosting so it doesn't cost you a penny).

    These threads explain why ... do read them, rather than imagining that you can "get traffic from Blogger", which isn't true at all, in any realistic sense ...

    Squidoo/Blogger as primary website
    Blogger and deleted blogs?
    Blogger blog removed
    Wow Blogger Deemed All My Hard Work Spam
    Is blogger blogs worthy?
    have blogspot energy?
    is Wordpress really a better choice than Blogger in my case?
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      From my experience, Blogger has a lot of helpful functions plus always ranks higher than the other sites I post too...mind you it does really depend on the content you are posting as to how high you will appear PLUS for how long.
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      It depends what you compare it with.

      It's worth doing it rather than doing nothing at all. Probably.

      It's not worth doing it rather than making blogs and content on a site you own and control yourself (even if you do that on free hosting so it doesn't cost you a penny).

      These threads explain why ... do read them, rather than imagining that you can "get traffic from Blogger", which isn't true at all, in any realistic sense ...
      Thanks. Nice. Full of information there.
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    I personally think that wordpress is a better way to go if you want to monetise. Blogger is great for hobby bloggers, and people that want a really simple start now blog.

    But plugins make blogger look child-like.
    So if you want to make money with your blog, go with a Wordpress blog.

    Remember, it is easy now to change over a blogger blog (blogspot) to a Wordpress blog if you want to. But that's not a good enough reason to go with blogger. Blogger is free, which is why it appeals to most hobby bloggers.

    I don't believe the SEO of a blogspot blog actually beats a normally SEO'd Wordpress.net blog.

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    Blogger is very good for traffic and seo ... small micro niche targeted blogs...
    You can make nice daily income using blogger + alexa toolbar + google trends...
    You find the latest trends, copy/paste + edit on blogger, add your affiliate links...and wait for $

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    -Blogger is FREE!
    -EASY and fast to set up.
    -Google seems to rank it well... Maybe because it's their own site.

    -Not much control and customization
    -Looks unprofessional most of the time

    Basically I think blogger is good for getting fast traffic to a small niche for trending topic, but if you want a legitimate blog/business in the long run (and you don't want to do everything by hand) go with Wordpress.

    _/\_\o/_ JAWS

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    I found lately that Blogger ranks very high and after you submit a post there, be sure to Google Plus it and "share" it as much as possible.
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    I find that Blogger is a good platform for just-starting bloggers. It has a simple interface, it's easy to use, and not to mention that you get your data right there and then (such as page views, etc.).

    Wordpress though, as the others have said, is for people who mean business and want to make money from their blog.

    Although, you can still keep a Blogger account so that you can maximize your traffic sources, that is if you link back to your main website through your blog posts.

    Professional B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting through expert telemarketing. Need to know more? Click Here

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    Just another way to get content out there.

    There are lots of other web 2.0 sites that get good results for us, such as weebly and squidoo and a few others.
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    Blogger is not a safe platform and if you have any kind of problem with your blogs, nobody is going to help you. In 2009 I lost 4 blogger blogs and nobody ever helped me.

    Use blogger with caution; not as your main promotional method. Don’t write too many articles for a blogger blog. Use it just to get a top position because it’s easy to have a good ranking with it.

    If you want to be a serious blogger you must own your blog. Otherwise, you are not safe.

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    In one way or another it helps you rank although not that much, you also have to check other blog sites where you can post your blogs and create quality backlinks which will rank your site higher on google.
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    blogger does rank well and fast but nothing is better than having a blog on your own site
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      Blogger doesn't rank.

      Then there is the reason why there are thousands of complaints online about blogger terminating a blog or account.

      If you like knocking your head against the wall: building a blog, putting up affiliate links, being terminated, and starting all over again - go for it. Your own site, WordPress, HubPages, Squidoo, Tumblr, Facebook, other blog services - I'd recommend a hundred services before suggesting anyone here use blogger.

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    I personally used blogger myself and have over 500-600 articles and get a ton of traffic, but the thing is that I wish I could customize the page more. I was going to move to word press, but I had about 400 articles at the time and did not want to mess up my traffic that I was currently getting. I say blogger is very very good and basic to use so I stick to it.
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    Blogger - in my opinion blogger is for brand new bloggers. If you won't to make your blog really good and very popular i offer you to make it with WordPress.
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    I use blogger constantly when doing my online affiliate business. Its free to setup. Plus i get massive traffic. I like blogger cause its great showing your stats. wordpress is great too. good luck on your blogging adventure.


    Read how i went from no money to making over $1000 a day. No experience necessary. Im paid daily.

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    I wouldn't put anymore effort into my Blogger blogs today, but I haven't touched them 10 months and they have earned $176 just sitting there this year. I posted a lot of content on them last year and slapped on the ugly templates. I suppose they will continue to snag a dollar or two for as long as Blogger is running. In the end, it's like finding money in the streets for me. In fact, my Blogger blogs have paid for three months of my fixed costs on my 21 self-hosted blogs this year.

    Hope this helps.
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    Blogger is Google child, so I believe it is fairly considered in page ranking.
    I like Blogger but the lack of customization tools really pisses off.

    However, I recommend it for beginners...
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    When I started off I used blogger for some of my affiliate site one did really well the others fell by the way side. But I have to say if you are looking for a platform where you have all the control of everything that is on your website then you need to get wordpress.

    Full Control Cost Money
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    I have been making sites on blogger since quite sometime. Here are some reasons why i do that

    - damn quick and easy to set up. Design can be hacked easily to anything that I want.
    - Free
    - Hosting is very reliable as its backed up by google

    That being said you have to be cautious of a few things:
    - Only write original content and use good images on the site
    - NEver, never make landing page type sites
    - Always use a custom domain so it will help you in long run
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    My 3 favorite blog posting sites are Blogger, Wordpress, and Weebly...

    All 3 offer quite a bit of functionality and control.

    All 3 will index very high in google IF the content is fresh and unique.

    My 3 cents
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      Blogger is a mixed bag. On one hand, it is easy to use and you can get started right away. On the other hand, you would be building your business around a 3rd party site which means you don't really own the blog which can be risky for the long-term. You might want to try it out to get your feet wet but have a plan in place to move your content to your own site.
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        Interesting discussion guys, most people on this thread think that blogger is not as good as a self hosted Wordpress site.... and the reason.... Google owns Blogger and so you have no "control".
        In light of the recent decimation of many websites by the Google Panda and Penguin updates, most of which affected self hosted sites, I fail to see how you could use that as a reason to not use blogger!
        Google controls the web whether you use their blogger blogs or not, you are NOT in control and they can delete your blogger blog or de-index your Wordpress site any time they want but...
        If you provide the searcher with what they and Google are looking for you will have few very few problems, good relevant, engaging content is acceptable on any website and ranks well accordingly.
        If you are sick of the hype...watch this space!
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    Blogger is owned by Google. Anything owned by Google is a good source of traffic. In Blogger, you can see the number of page views and reads for your content which is a very good measurement of your performance. However, it still all boils down to the quality of content whether your site is popular or not as long it is indexed.

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    you should always go with your own hosting and domain
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