How is bandwidth Calculated?

by vivo
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normally when I think of bandwidth use, I think of everything, including images and similar things. But when I was trying to calculate the number of people I had on my page, it seemed like I could not divide evenly with all my files. But if I did with my html alone, it was closer to dividing evenly. So how do you determine the amount of visitors you had by bandwidth? Thank you.
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    Please write clear English. I don't get your point.
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    What I am asking is how do you determine bandwidth usage? Do I include only my html, or also photos and other things.
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    The things that you math people come up with

    I've never tried that calculation, but it should include everything, not just the html. Maybe the hosting company's bandwidth meter is out, and you are getting a benefit that way.

    I'll just mention a couple other possibilities that probably aren't the problem, but could affect the numbers. Are you thinking of 'hits' as people? They aren't and you get a hit for each file on the page. Each php include and each image will be a hit. There are often more than 10 a page. That would lower your numbers.

    Could it be caching? For static pages browsers can store it, and don't necessarily download everything on repeat visits.

    I thought your question was clear btw.

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    It is a simple sales page with two jpegs. I don't see how 50 goes into 79. And I don't think anyone is stealing my images, so I don't see how this is happening. Even if they used the images, it would not add up.
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    You will never be able to accurately calculate the bandwidth used by multiplying visitors by html/image pages size.

    You have things like image cache and such for returning visitors.

    Then you have search engine bots, some of which will not load images and such. Some stat programs dont accurately count all the various bots that visit pages these days. For low traffic sites this will represent a statistically relevant percentage of your bandwidth usages and visitor counts.

    There are hundreds of places to leak bandwidth. Some/Most hosts charge you bandwidth for uploading and updating your pages/images from your local machine.
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    Ok, thanks for explaining !
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