PDF sharing sites.. are they still useful

by TroyCo
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I have compiles a list of PDF sharing (document sharing) sites

1. scribd.com
2. docstoc.com
3. slideshare.net
4. calameo.com
5. box.net
6. esnips.com
7. divshare.com
8. 4shared.com
9. gigasize.com
10. yudu.com

I am just trying to explore a new way of getting traffic I haven't tried before and have heard that writing SEO optimized articles, submitting them to these document sharing sites and including links can generate massive amounts of traffic as well as boost your own SEO efforts. Does anybody have experience doing this? Is there any suggestions to make this more effective?
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    I have been using this strategy with scribd and slideshare and I actually prefer it over other ways to share info, such as articles.

    It's great for the fact that you once you finish your PDF, just upload the file, put in your keywords and you are good to go.

    As far as suggestions, "dress up" your PDF's with pictures and provide appropriate links back to the pages you are looking to target. Also make sure that the title is catchy so more viewers are inclined to read it.

    Hope this helps.
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    Works well for me - it's a great way to diversify the way you generate leads for your business. Brings in different kinds of traffic as well.

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    Don't just see it as way for link juice, you can actually get some traffic from it if done correctly and your keywords properly researched.

    Your PDF finishing also plays a significant role, have relevant images and provide valuable information and your PDF will be distributed to hundreds or more by people you don't even know.
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    PDFs can also just be uploaded to one's own site right? Well, at least I know it does and what is the difference? I suppose it can be advantageous to do both.
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    I did a little more reading on this and found that duplicate content is not a problem with SEO because of the way google's crawlers see it as a file rather that web published content, is this true? has anybody that uses these sharing sites uploaded content from their sites?
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    I personally only like slideshare. It's easy, and you dont have to do much modification to make it look attractive and easy to read.
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    I make sure every pdf that i give away to free for my lists go onto the top 5 doc sharing sites. its just another way to get easy traffic and backlinks and its outsouced for pennies
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