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I am a novice.
I have sold 4 ebooks from my website, I think solely through google.
My customers had trouble getting my ebook.
I use paypal once they have finished paying, they have to click a button (which isn't obvious) which returns to the merchant (thats my confirmation page), and then they have the link to the downnload.

My customers are getting confused in finding the 'return to merchant button' where they can find the link to my ebook.

My question is:

Is there an easy way to handle to delivery of ebook ?
i.e send them straight to the link without showing the paypal confirmation page or email them the link.

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    Yes, you can try to make it more clear on your order page that they need to press that button, but a certain percentage of them won't.

    You can use a download protector script like DLGuard, which I think also mails them the download link even if they bail out after paying.
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    Hi Feelgood,

    This is a problem often found with Paypal - people just don't click the return to Merchant button. Adding to that, when a credit card is used the Return link is even harder to find, this happens reasonably often.

    One thing you can try, set Auto Return in your Paypal Profile to ON. This will redirect your customer after they pay, however this doesn't work when paying by credit card.

    Ultimately, you can use a download management system like:

    That's the one I've designed. It will detect the sale, and email a download link to your customer so if they don't return right away, they get a link in their email account anyway.

    Naturally you have the added benefits of security as well.

    Hope this helps!

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    You can try what ClickBank does, i.e. use a customize header image with the instruction to click on the "Return To Merchant" in the header image.

    Alternatively, you can use a service like to manage the digital delivery. It cost like $5 per month but you can use the following coupon code to get a 100 days trial:


    If you have more cash to invest, then you might want to consider DLGuard which is used by tons of warriors to manage their sales delivery.
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