Since Overture is DEAD ......

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I just wanted to what is the best keyword research tool out their hands down since Overture is dead now. We ALL KNOW oVERTURE WAS THE BEST.



Yes I guess I have some old outdated ebooks that give Overture. LOL


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    you always have the Google keyword research tool and now it gives the search volume too...
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      agreed. go with google..
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        Thanks guys I appreciate it . Can you post the link for this.

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          Originally Posted by Marc2008 View Post

          Thanks guys I appreciate it . Can you post the link for this.


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            I've always enjoyed the free keyword discovery tool

            Free Search Term Suggestion Tool by

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                I think it depends on your needs..

                for example if you're into adwords - Keyword Country rocks the house

                Keyword Elite has had some very good reviews, the only downfall is that it can be a little slow.

                Nichebot is 'not too bad', it has a monthly membership that can be canceled and then renewed without having to lose the credits you accrued on their system, as long as you sign back up within a year after you cancel.

                Keyword Results Analyzer has also been given good reviews.

                Others are Keyword Discovery, Market Samurai (still in beta), Wordze, KRA Pro (which I' love to have, but it's only for PC -arrgghh!)

                Google is still one of my favs, because you're really getting it from the horse's mouth - it's just more time consuming IMHO, than the other ones which speed up the process and give you storage systems for your words, etc.
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                There's also the

                Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

                that i utilize sometimes. If there are tools IM'ers can use like this for free,
                then what's the use of spending huge sums to get keyword tools like
                keyword elite, or word tracker subscription,...

                Curious, that's all.
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                  I forgot to mention, there's also a new, F-R-E-E Traffic Travis 3.0 in town with the following in-built tools;

                  * Page analysis: Almost like having an SEO expert look at your webpage and tell you what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. This tool does all that, and then gives you solutions for improving your on-page SEO! Oh, it also gives you a grade. Are you an A+ student, or is your site going to flunk?

                  * Position ranking: Keeps a daily, weekly or monthly record of exactly where your website is ranked for any search term. Check all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, Ask and Altavista) and see whether you're going up in the search engines ... or down.

                  * Keyword finder: A cutting edge keyword finder tool to give you a huge number of relevant keywords.

                  * Keyword sorter: An essential keyword sorter tool that enables you to categorize extremely large lists of keywords into targeted adgroups for PPC purposes.

                  * Top sites for keywords: Quickly find all the top sites for your various keywords... then analyze them to see if you can steal some of their tricks.

                  * Backlinks to site: Who is linking to you? Who is linking to your competitors? What
                  pagerank are they? What anchor text are they using? Checking all this information by hand would be a full-time job, but Traffic Travis does it with just one click. And by analyzing your competitors with this tool you can find other great sites to buy/trade links with.

                  * Keywords/details: Discover how many advertisers are advertising on each keyword and whether there's a heavy turnover in advertisers. This could mean that the keyword isn't as profitable as everyone thinks!

                  * Top sites for keywords: Who are the biggest players in your niche? Which keywords are they bidding on? Suss out who your major competitors are, and then analyze their campaign. After all... they must be making money...

                  * Websites Keyword list: A more indepth keyword snooping tool... this shows you whether competitors keep advertising on a particular word, or whether they drop it periodically.
                  (Consistently advertising on a keyword means it must be really profitable!) This tool also
                  easily shows ad ranking position, so you can see which positions seem to work the best...

                  And guys...the sweetest part is, costs absolutely nothing. Yes, you heard me right, F-R-E-E.

                  Follow this link, Free SEO Software | Traffic Travis

                  (Couldn't resist putting my affliate link...)~smile~
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